Hej! Wybierz swoją lokalizacje, aby zobaczyć właściwą treść.


the reign of the vampires

Bloody Dracula has awakened from his coffin and is drinking blood from our prices.
Once he has finished, the promotion is dead!

Join the hunt for discounts!


How does a thirsty vampire behave?

The hunt for colorful socks will begin shortly! What can you expect from Dracula?

Dracula hunts all weekend. The promotion lasts from 30.10 until 31.10

As soon as Dracula selects a sock victim, the price for the design begins to drop.

When the vampire is satisfied, he moves onto the next sock victim. The previous discount unfortunately dies.

Dracula’s feeding cycle is 15 minutes - every quarter of an hour the discount can increase, remain the same or completely disappear.

Can we count on you to act fast and have a successful hunt?
Take a risk! You can wait hoping that the discount will increase - but sometimes you might miss it and be disappointed. After all, the discount will die, if thinking takes you all of eternity.

Someone is your (blood)type!

We are thirsty for socks, just like Bloody Dracula is thirsty for blood. Instead of giving our blood to Dracula, we decided to use it for a better purpose. We involved all Many Mornings employees, along with friends and donated it! As an expression of gratitude, each donor got spooky halloween socks. 

Many Mornings employees and friends donated blood

liters of blood were donated for medical purposes

cities took part in donating blood in Poland and Germany

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Other fibers2%