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Earth Day


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Make every day Earth Day

Earth Day is a great occasion to show your support for environmental protection. On this day, we think about the ecological aspects of our lives much more often than usual. We wonder if we sorted the garbage properly, if our morning shower didn’t use too much water and we try to think of new ways how we can support Mother Earth; the list would be endless.

It is worth pausing for a moment and considering whether Earth Day should not be celebrated every day. We should keep our Earth and our environment in such a state that we’d want to spend our daily lives in it, admiring its beauty. We can go out into nature, to the park, listen to birds singing, the trees swaying in the wind, the bees buzzing around the flowers, close our eyes and think. We can change our means of transport, reduce our consumption, become vegetarian, use reusable bags – all of this is within our reach. However, maybe you want to start with simpler steps, or see first how it’s done? You can start with limiting your consumption of plastic and the amount of food thrown away.

Mother Earth wears Many Mornings!

Can Earth Day socks be eco-friendly? Of course! The secret is not only in how they are produced, but also in who produces them. At Many Mornings, we’ve decided to change small steps into long-lasting impact for the environment. We upcycle all our leftover materials from production, to make stuffed animal monkeys from second-class socks. Thanks to this we can make Many Mornings sock monkeys that can surprise brave patients in children’s wards during the Christmas season. When packing orders, we fill the free space in the boxes with ecological packing eco-peanuts. These eco-peanuts are starch-based and therefore compostable and can even be added to your plants, or dissolved in water.

At our in-store islands, we have exchanged plastic bags for paper ones, and from mid-2021, we will use FSC certified secondary packaging. Until then, we plan to replace all our existing primary packaging, with poly mailers made of 80% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials and certified with the Blue Angel environmental label.

Even though we still have many steps to take, we can safely say that at Many Mornings Earth Day is celebrated every day!

Let’s save the planet together

Not only on Earth Day, but from day one, Many Mornings has been on a mission to set up initiatives for the benefit of society. You might think, how am I helping the environment by buying socks? Well we have the answer! Thanks to our SHARE A PAIR program, we actively engage in many initiatives to support those in need and fight for environmental protection and the well-being of animals. For example, did you know that we run a bee apiary to work to protect natures little helpers? Apparently, when bees go extinct, humanity will only be able to survive for 4 more years. Therefore, every small step to help bees is a big step for the planet! By buying socks you help too! Whether you decide to go for the flagship sustainable-themed designs such as Save The Planet, Bee Bee or Plant Lover, you will be on your way to doing something good for the environment. In our 2021 initiative for Earth Day, we added honey plant seeds to every order for free, so that you too can help bees and attract them to flowers in your neighborhood.