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Dragon socks for lovers of Far East cultures

The dragon – on the one hand it is terrifying, on the other hand it is somehow magical and royal. Our dragon socks arose from our fascination for this mythical creature, because this Chinese zodiac sign is of particular importance. It means wealth, but above all it stands for luck, intelligence and goodness. These values can be found as Chinese characters on our dragon socks. The Far Eastern signs of the zodiac repeat themselves every 12 years. If you were born in 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024, then you were born in the year of the Dragon or chénlóng. The Chinese term for this astronomical symbol is especially known to sock fans who are also into anime series. That’s because the magical dragon from the “Dragonball Z” mangas has the name, Shenlong/Shenron, that is based on it. It is therefore not at all surprising that fans of our dragon socks also like to go for nostalgic 90s socks. We are sure that Asian Dragon will make us shine like a Super Saiyan at least for a moment!

Dragon socks encourage you to dance

Do you know the Chinese New Year dance? It’s an impressive ceremony! But since we now know the astronomical side of the meaning, we can look at dragon socks from a different angle. They are not only known as a zodiac sign, but also as divine majesty. Generally it holds positive attributes, however the black dragon, which is responsible for storms and floods, is the exception. However, lighthouse socks can light up your path and make even stormy waters navigable. Let’s look at other Chinese dragon symbols a little.There are quite a few Chinese people who, thanks to a legend, see themselves as descendants of the dragon. Dragon socks have been a symbol of the Chinese state since the Qin dynasty (approx. 200 BC) and thus also the symbol of the emperor who sat on the “dragon throne”. It should also be mentioned that the number of claws also played a crucial role in the depiction of the dragon symbol on a military uniform. Many claws stood for a higher rank and thus ensured respect. So we can safely say that dragon socks are more than just an artistic creation!