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We started the mornings of 2022 together by helping.

We always take the first steps of each day towards social responsibility. Will you go step by step with us on the way to a better tomorrow?

Let’s start!
January 31

As every year, we create a dedicated sock design which proceeds went directly to supporting the goals of WOŚP, the biggest non-profit charity organization in Poland raising money for pediatric and elderly care. Additionally, this year, during the 30th annual fundraiser we took part in an auction, where we won the golden heart #6 for 22,600€.


Due to the Russian invasion, mornings no longer sparkled with optimism. In support of Ukraine, we donated approx. 13 000€ to Fundacja Ocalenie; an organization offering psychological assistance and accommodation to refugees. 2 000€ were donated to The Hospitallers; a hospital battalion that carries medical aid directly at the front line.

In the following months, 100% of the revenue from our blue-yellow #StandWithUkraine socks went to local organizations supporting the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Poland (a total of 2 425€). In addition, we donated nearly 8,000 pairs of socks to refugees in refugee centers and private homes, with the hope to add at least a bit of color to their difficult days.

March 21

This year for World Down Syndrome day, 21% of our sales proceeds from 19-21.03 were donated to 6 NGOs in Poland and Germany. We donated 4,613€ for the ongoing support of social inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

April 22

This year for Earth Day, we focused primarily on upcycling – that is, the creative reuse of materials. In the name of less-waste, we gave our second-class socks a whole new purpose and transformed them into hair scrunchies!
As part of our cHAIRity campaign you could add a hair scrunchie to your order for a donation amount of your choice. 100% of the proceeds were donated to die Urbanisten in Germany and Siostry Rzeki in Poland, the former supporting women upcycling carpentry workshops and the latter acting on behalf of rivers in Europe.


We launched our Many Monkeys program promoting charity and DIY activities. Through upcycling, our second-class socks and leftover threads are constantly being transformed into sock monkeys! In the spirit of less-waste anyone can make their own sock monkey at home using our DIY kits. Additionally, our sock monkeys travelled to Kenya to support Maja Kotala and her Sewing Together initiative, that encourages women entrepreneurship in tailoring. This year, we decided to sponsor the fashion school in Mombasa with a donation of 3 500€, so that a better future for young women can be made possible.


To take pride in diversity and show what “”Many Colors of Love”” means, we created a PRIDE BOX that could be colored with all the colors of the rainbow. In June, 100% of the net profit from the Pride Box and 20% of the revenue from Over The Rainbow socks was donated to Stonewall Group. We donated 2 628 € the name of equal rights for the LGBT+ community in Poland.


In August, for the 5th year we organized our animal welfare campaign MANY WALKS. We partnered with 10 animal shelters in Poland and 2 in Germany and encouraged people to volunteer there, or more importantly to adopt a dog or cat.

Overall, there were 1522 dog walks and a record breaking 564 pet adoptions! In addition, 2 121€ from the sale of all pet sock designs in August was donated to Fundacja Sarigato, an animal welfare NGO in Poland, which is committed to the well-being of furry four-legged friends, not only in August.


Thanks to our Bag to School campaign, we were able to provide 300 kids from lower socioeconomic backgrounds in Germany and Poland with brand new school bags equipped with supplies and colorful socks.

In Poland, thanks to our partnership with the city of Łódź, 200 backpacks were given to children in foster families and orphanages. In Germany, in cooperation with “Die Arche” – Kinderstiftung Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk and Tatort – Straßen der Welt e.V. 100 school bags were donated to children in Berlin and Dortmund. Moreover, thanks to GAiN Germany, 100 first graders in war-torn Ukraine will receive kids socks for the start of school.

So far, in 2022 we:

Supported 24 NGO’s

Donated 15 727 pairs of socks

Donated 63 364€

Thanks to you, we are constantly developing our SHARE A PAIR! program. Follow our activities and let us know what is really important to you.

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