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As part of the action Share a Pair! we donate 5% of each purchase to a charity.

We have a lot of ideas, some have been done, and some are just on the begining; about all of them we will be writing systematically. Below you can read about what we already did.

Benek Association

Meet the BENEK - Association for the Rehabilitation of Ecology and Slaughter Animal Saving! Nearby Poznań, in the village of Szewce, there is a wonderful place that is a refuge for animals in need. Animals who were a whim, who got bored, who were victims or were considered unnecessary. Rescued from slaughterhouses, aggressive owners or sentenced to death after years of diligent work. The association was founded in 2010 on the initiative of Michał and Paweł, who have been passionately creating a warm home for as many animals as they can for 9 years. We support the boys financially for a year

School layette

The first day at school is a beginning of a long journey, full of challenges and obligations. We do know how important is a good start. We truly wish everyone be able to fully focus on learning, developing their passions and to find out what they are good at. A decent school bag, a set of necessary accessories are something that every child should have to feel ready for a school adventure. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky, so we decided to help some kids. We have been funding layettes for children in need from 2 years.


During the summer break, we are happy to travel and explore the world, but what we realised - there are some four-legged friends in shelters which are not so lucky. Dogs need company, go for a walk or be combed. We got an idea to encourage people to spend some time in a shelter, and in return - we gave them our socks! The action was very successful and over 1000 people took part in it.

There is no planet B(ee)

Charles Darwin said once: If Earth runs out of bees, humans would last with only four years, without their pollinate - plants will extinct, then animals, and further... even us! We've checked it - for the time being, bees are not missing as much as there is no food for them. Bee Bee model is our first bestseller which confirmed in the conviction that it's worth to make socks for you. It's a right time to return the favor to bees and merge pleasure with usefulness ?With the help of Corpo company, we have set up an apiary in our production facility in Bełdowo, which is surrounded by several beautiful, nutritious melliferous plants ?

World Down Syndrome Day

We wear two different socks every day, but on March 21 we particularly encourage to wear colorful, mismatched socks and thus show support to special people with an additional 21 chromosome. It is these socks that are a symbol of the social and genotypic mismatch that people with Down syndrome struggle with. We donated 21% of the sales of March 21 for assistance!


We've decided to create Sock Monkeys. They are handmade from our designs and filled with cuttings from the production. We pass them away in hospitals to give a little smile to brave heroes.

Thank you for being with us!

We have a lot of ideas, some have already been done, which we will write about soon, and you can learn about the new formula below.

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