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Our support for World Down Syndrome Day is growing year by year!

Last year for World Down Syndrome Day, we acted only in Poland, supporting an association working locally for people with Down syndrome. This year, on 21.03, thanks to establishing a cooperation with Down Syndrome International and joining the #LotsOfSocks campaign, we were able to support global efforts to increase social inclusion of people with Trisomy 21 and beat last year’s record of money raised for this cause.

Raised approx. 10 000 € for organizations supporting people with Down syndrome

Displayed the hashtags #ManyMornings #LotsOfSocks 3 085 879 times on 20-21.03

Received 3 311 274 views on our campaign videos “What’s without a match here is only one chromosome”

What’s without a match here is only one chromosome

The participation of Many Mornings in this social campaign was a big step for us and we are glad that we could do it together with you, in support of exceptional people whose energy and optimism has the ability to affect us even from the screen!

If you have not yet seen our social campaign video, you can watch it here:

This is how you wore our colorful socks on 21.03.Many Thanks for your support!