Barbecue socks thrown on the grill!

The first context which the sewing thread of barbecue socks gets tangled up in, is of course food. Unfortunately, this is also the axis of the dispute - after all, some stubbornly cultivate carnivorous habits, while others prefer to throw vegetarian snacks on the grill. Craft Beer socks. Sometimes our culinary enthusiasm overwhelms us to the point where we lose control over the fire and need to call The Fireman for help to cool down the self-indulgent enthusiasm for alcohol and fatty food. In the above anecdotes, however, there is a meaning hidden behind barbecue time. A BBQ is not really about filling your belly, but about sociability, freedom and a love to spend time outdoors. It is in honor of these values ​​that barbecue socks were created, and not simply for the love of meat or vegan sausages. They are here to tell the story of relaxing and being yourself!

Barbecue socks and sandals? A dispute over holiday fashion

As soon as the days get warmer, the barbecue season begins. Everyone will rush to the stores to get the best steaks, sausages or their vegetarian alternatives. You’ll be able to hear the crackle of the first sparks from the grill and the characteristic smell of kindling. And if you still want to hold on to spring for a bit, and not completely surrender to the summer heat and bare feet, you can decide for colorful socks with sandals. Some might think that this fashion statement is a reason to laugh, a self-mocking gesture, but we believe it signifies confidence and individuality. However, the funny fashion of sandals and socks, is a bit like grilling itself. On the one hand, everyone laughs at the person who claims to be the grill master, wearing an apron and flipping the burgers. And on the other hand, everyone loves him or her, and admires them for their skill. Therefore, you should also wear barbecue socks without shame and be yourself - not only on the weekend, outdoors, or in sandals, when you are not seen by prying eyes; but also in the city center on a hot summer party night.