Rainbow socks represent diversity

A diverse society is a unique value in a democratic world. When even a small part of it is threatened, the ideological surface on which we have built the contemporary hierarchy of values ​​breaks. Some think that by excluding others they will define their identity; but in the long run it will explode the groundwork from which we have built our own morality. One of the discriminated groups, especially in Poland, is undoubtedly the LGBT+ community. Many Mornings is a Polish company and unfortunately feels the lack of tolerance for this community in everyday life. Hence, struggle for equality and gay pride are serious issues that concern everyone in our team. The fight for equal rights is a serious matter that engages social activists every morning. How can rainbow socks help with this? Even the language of advertising is important in the process of shaping people's habits. Symbolic representation in public discourse may affect the acceptance of attitudes that are considered controversial today. The presence of rainbow socks in commercial circulation is not only of mercantile significance, but we expect these small gestures to also build a sense of identity and community. It is not a prosaic matter, as embedded in everyday life as for example animal socks. This time our ambition is to influence reality. And where rainbow socks do not have sufficient competencies, we reach for the help of an expert group. 20% of the sales of rainbow socks during Pride month in June, will be allocated to supporting non-governmental organizations that specialize in education and inclusive communication. We hope that the mornings of all genders will be equally colorful soon.

Who wears rainbow socks?

The answer to the question is simple: everyone!! Rainbow socks are not only a symbol of belonging to the LGBT+ community, but also an expression of support for the repressed and those treated unequally. Colorful socks are accessories firmly rooted in everyday life. Therefore, it is important that they speak not only about good mornings but about every morning. One, spent in a small town in the east and in a village in the west; at work and at school, among family and among friends. Rainbow socks are not asking, but are demanding acceptance in all circumstances. Just as the left sock differs from the right sock within one pair, we can differ beautifully within one society.