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You favorite animals on socks

Who doesn’t love animals? Probably only people who have no idea about their existence! For everyone else, we have created fluffy, comfy and cute socks with animals, from domestic to wild ones, there is sure to be design which represents one of your favorites. They are not only perfect for owners of barking or meowing pets, but also for breeders or those who choose to adopt and plan to a take a less fortunate quadruped under their roof. For all those wagging and meowing creatures in need of a new home, there are also mums, dads, boyfriends and girlfriends in need of new socks, that’s why animal socks make the perfect gift.
Our socks with animals are made of the best materials, and with attention to detail, because we know that every species living on our planet (and in our imagination, like magical unicorns), requires an appropriate environment. Our animal collection will make you start every morning with a smile. Because how can you not smile at the sight of doggy socks, flamingos, hedgehogs or foxes?

Regular and low socks with animals

Our sock assortment is actually a real animal party. You can have your choice of pink flamingos, cute dogs and fluffy cats, tropical toucans and wild panthers on your feet. For fans of a bit more familiar atmosphere, we recommend socks with farm animals – chickens and pigs, and for those who are interested in ornithology, there are designs with flamingos and parrots. Dreamers will surely enjoy The Unicorn model, and fans of softness will choose socks like Fluffy Alpaca or Honey Bear. What else? Bees, alligators, walruses, sloths, hedgehogs, shrimps and a whole list of animals just waiting to meet your feet – yours, your family’s, friends’ and acquaintances.
Our wild offer includes both men’s and women’s socks, and the animals jump onto regular socks, low socks and kid’s socks. They can occur in herds or approach in single file. Sometimes they sleep at your feet, and sometimes they playfully prance between your toes and heels. Usually they are pleasant, they come to your leg on request and look cute doing it, but when necessary, they’re able to show their claws and grab the leg of your trousers. Invite them to your wardrobe and wear them proudly – with a suit, shorts, dress and any other styling!

Animal socks – all day and every day

Animal socks from Many Mornings fit everywhere and with everything and can be worn every day. You can take a pair of Monkey Business to a business meeting, and Pink Flamingo is a perfect choice to complement your party styling. Frutti di Mare; covered in shrimps are a must-have in your suitcase if you are going to Spain, and Playful Dog and Playful Cat will keep you company if you choose to stay at home. Toucans and leopards are perfect companions for a trip to the tropics (even if it is a trip to the market for vegetables in the middle of August), and unicorns are perfect when your head is in the clouds. Socks with chickens, pigs and horses will surely find their place in the agrotourism landscape, while brown and white bears in the Rocky Mountains and in the Arctic Circle. But that doesn’t mean you can only wear them in places where they come from – show these Many Mornings animals the whole world! Of course, on your feet.
We must mention one more point – it’s important to remember that most animals live in herds, therefore it’s not only having one pair. Create a party in your sock drawer with multiple species in attendance, that will put a smile on your face every morning when you put on our socks. Is that not how contact with animals works?