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Duck socks sing in the shower

Shower or a bath in the tub? Bathroom rituals, although they belong to the field of the most prosaic, everyday activities, have their specific weight. It turns out that a simple decision can be part of your identity – just like a love for chocolate or a Dark Espresso. Some prefer a brisk shower, during which they practice their vocals, singing pop songs or daring to try opera arias. Who knows, maybe the shower is where future hits are born? Others dream of long baths in a romantic ambiance. And where do duck socks lead you? Are you also an enthusiast for creating an atmosphere: with candles, a glass of red wine, relaxing music and a good book? Perhaps for you, every visit to the bathroom is a preparation for a Love Story, with strong self-love appreciation and an opportunity for time for yourself. Bathing is a moment of intimacy and duck socks are aware of this matter. Blissful relaxation and fun are what counts. During long days, there aren’t many times when we can take a break from the seriousness of professional life and household chores. All the more so sometimes it’s good to wink at yourself, take duck socks on board the tub and write in toothpaste in large letters on the mirror: “GONE TO HAVE FUN IN THE TUB”

The captain wears duck socks

Although today, steam baths are known only from Russian books and Turkish films, and rarely appear in the reality of modern cities, they bring back memories of various contrasts – the clash of intimacy with seriousness or play with functionality. Duck socks are perfect for an imaginative trip to such a bath. When you put on suit socks with such a frivolous motif and for example, go to the sauna, you will give yourself and others a clear self-ironic signal. We know from movies that thermal baths often dealt with quite serious, sometimes even illegal, business. And you want to enter such public baths in duck socks? Your choice! After all, you yourself are the captain of your life! You can make any decision you want, as long as you are at peace with yourself. If duck socks reflect your mood on a particular morning, why not wear them with your formal outfit?