Need any help?
Can we make each morning
a bit greener?

We firmly believe so!

Many Mornings doesn’t just create colorful socks.
We are committed to treating our planet responsibly.

From the product, to logistics and retail, our commitment extends to initiatives, because we want to leave as small a footprint as possible on the environment.

Our product

  • Proudly made & designed in EU
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Plastic-free labels
  • Less Waste: No mass production (only what we sell) and upcycling of leftover materials & donation of second-class socks

Our logistics

  • Local production in Poland
  • Yarns sourced from close proximity to the socks factory (approx. 10 km)
  • Warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the socks factory
  • Warehouse with an energy-saving daylight roof
  • Poly-mailers made from 80% recycled plastic (PCR); Blue Angel certified
  • Starch packaging peanuts (water-soluble, usable as plant fertilizer)

Our sock monkeys

  • As part of our Many Monkeys program we upcycle our leftover raw materials into sock monkeys
  • Sock monkey DIY kits are seasonally available in our online shop
  • Doctor Monkey: A Christmas sewing campaign with senior citizens for fundraising purposes

Our initiatives

  • Earth Day: Attention to the preservation of biodiversity
  • Many Walks: Campaign for the welfare of animals in shelters (#AdoptDontShop)
  • Raccoon Cleanup: free socks for everyone who collects garbage
  • There's no planet B(ee): Wild bee apiaries and lots of plants on the sock factory site

Future Milestones

Step by step towards Greener Mornings

100% CO2 neutral shipping  

365 days availability of the Sock Monkey DIY Kit  

100% plastic free packaging  


What materials are our socks make from?

Our socks are made from the highest quality raw materials (Oeko-Tex Standard 100). They consist of:

80% cotton
15% polyamide
3% elastane
2% other materials

Why not organic cotton?
Many Mornings is constantly checking whether this step is possible. Our goal is to make socks from organic cotton in the future. Our socks are made from the best quality materials we can source locally. We source these from the immediate vicinity of our sock factory in Lodz, Poland. This keeps the transport routes extremely short, as the spool of yarn travels less than 10 km from purchase to production.

As soon as the available suppliers can transparently show the origin of their organic cotton, we will use it, e.g. with a GOTS certificate. Because not everything that says organic is organic, we want to make sure of that before offering it.

How many wild bees live in our apiaries?

An exact number cannot be defined, but depending on the season, thousands of wild bees can live in our apiary. Not all wild bees survive the winter, which is why the number increases in spring and summer, but decreases in autumn and winter.

How much material is thrown away?

Almost nothing! Many Mornings follows a responsible Less-Waste-Strategy, i.e. we try to reuse all materials. Second-class socks and leftovers from production are given a new life. Thanks to our upcycling projects like sock monkeys or hair ties, we uphold the 3 R's of the environment; reduce, reuse, recycle!

How much energy is saved by the daylight roof?

Many Mornings' state-of-the-art warehouse in Kuciny, Poland opened in 2021. When designing, it was not only important to create a lot of space, but also to find environmentally friendly, energy-saving solutions. Depending on the time of year our daylight roof saves up to 75% of the energy for lighting.

Our huge daylight roof not only saves electricity, but also heating, because due to the power of the sun the indoor temperature rises a few degrees.

How many kilometers of delivery route do we save by producing and storing in Poland?

Our socks hardly cover any distance before they are sent to you. Compared to competitors (e.g. Dedoles, Happy Socks) we save min. 1000 km on our delivery route with each pair of socks. The strategic location of the Many Mornings production near Lodz, Poland enables us to have extremely short delivery routes. In our family business (more than 30 years of sock experience), we produce exclusively in this metropolitan region, which is considered the heart of the Polish textile industry. Cotton travels less than 25 km from the supplier of the materials (e.g. yarn) to our production facility and warehouse. We are very proud of these extremely short supply chains!

Note: Colorful socks are often manufactured under questionable production and working conditions in Asia (e.g. China, Indonesia, Turkey). We promise that that won't happen at Many Mornings!

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