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Who wears cool socks?

Every year at Many Mornings we make our debut with over a dozen new designs with various animal, food, artistic and other real-life themes. We often draw inspiration directly from the environment that surrounds us. We want our cool socks to tell stories, build personalities and speak to their future owners. Anyone who wears Many Mornings on their feet may feel that these colorful socks express their individuality, their emotions and a range of their own interests. If you like cooking, you will definitely reach for the Fast Foot. If your passions focus on music, your attention will be caught by Music Notes. We believe that all our mismatched socks are cool socks. They are all unique and we have an irreplaceable affection for each design. We must admit that individuals can associate most designs with themselves and the sock narratives can be broadly adapted. On the other hand, some mismatched socks lead a rather solitary lifestyle. Some of our designs meet the tastes of only a few enthusiasts. Is it because they are less successful? Of course not! It’s just that some of the interests do not build as much publicity as the cool socks do. We dare say that the funny animals will always win the fight for the top spot on the cool socks list, while Yacht Club style mismatched socks will make only a guest star appearance. However, in the Many Mornings family, there are no children we love any less. Each is different, but all are great!

Mismatched colorful socks are the best socks

As far as we know, probably no one before us came up with the idea of ​​building a narrative based on cotton yarn in a similar way to the one represented by mismatched socks. Yes, when the Many Mornings sun was rising for the first time, colorful and patterned hosiery was just becoming more and more popular. But most manufacturers followed the proven path of geometric solutions. However, that doesn’t surprise us because we ourselves have a weakness for simple forms and compositional games. But, we only managed to achieve a real hit when we introduced mismatched socks to the market, and they turned out to be really cool socks. This type of crazy sewing won the hearts of many and made our colorful sock family grow to over 28 countries. We have investigated the matter really meticulously and it seems that we were probably the first in Europe to come up with this idea, and maybe even in the world; because no one had started producing this type of product on a large scale before. However, while the whole world is difficult to grasp and follow every novelty, the Polish regional market is easy to comprehend. This time we are 100% sure that no one had the opportunity in Poland to produce these popular socks, of which one sock presents only part of the story, and the other is its perfect complement.

Are cool socks also loners?

To our knowledge, our mismatched cool socks do not like being alone at all. In fact, they are very social creatures. They are often linked for life in relationships with their human counterparts. The Unicorn is inclined to crazy romantics, full of fantasy and passion and Barbie is inclined to create a rather old-fashioned model of the bourgeois family. Each of the Many Mornings patterns has its own preferences and among the best socks, you can experience true polyamory. However, it’s important to remember that for all mismatched socks, the most important thing is simply love.

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