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Orange socks help to be as sly as a fox

Are foxes bad? Probably no one will answer unequivocally that they are. A fox is a nice animal, and very beautiful. However, it has some morally ambivalent features. The Red Fox is clever, sly, cunning, inventive, mysterious and skillful. The animated film by Wes Anderson, in which the animal protagonist is full of quite sinister instincts, reflects the nature of foxes well. However, the fairy-tale fox, despite the thieves’ attempts, remains the Fantastic Mr. Fox. The fox has much more anarchic elements than demonic forces. However, since he knows the methods of opponents, he is able to initiate a fight effectively. At a time when competitiveness is one of the priority values, all fox skills can serve you well. Or maybe you want to give them to someone as a gift? Instead of barbarously assuming a fox soul on a hunt, better buy some orange socks from Many Mornings! Foxes are animals associated with autumn. When the October rainy weather begins, it’s worth putting on orange socks. Especially since the fox has many faces, and therefore has more than just one pattern to offer. We recommend you draw your attention to the warmer version, which we suggestively call Warm Fox. Dressed in such long socks, you can proudly walk through the kingdom of animals. You can see their sock portraits in the animal category of the Many Mornings store. Not all of them are as cunning as the orange fox, but they all have a lovely aura around them. And as the cold days draw closer and closer, you can’t forget about The Squirrels, who are shy rather than sly, while carefully and anxiously gathering their nuts in preparation for winter. Are you too getting ready for hibernation mode? Then you better prepare your collection of orange socks by Many Mornings.

Gardening in orange socks

For over a century, the social structure has been consistently evolving, as a result of which more and more people live in cities. But among many of us, from time to time, there is a longing for the land from which we grew our roots. We believe that this is a good longing – a person in love with nature learns to respect the environment and cultivate harmonious values. In addition, plant cultivation creates a healthy discipline, understood as mindfulness and consistency. That is why it is worth teaching children basic gardening skills. How can you convince them that gardening is fun and useful work? Start with kid’s socks! Put on Garden Carrot onto your kid’s feet and let the enthusiasm of the orange socks permeate their body. If we were to anthropomorphize carrots, they would certainly have a hard, reliable character. At the same time, they would not lack a certain quiet tenderness, because it is the color that signals sensuality and a lively heart. So let’s not worry if our baby carrots are introverts. We know that they have beautiful souls, and in orange socks – also beautiful feet! If they are fearful then we have another garden plant to build their courage; the pumpkin! The pumpkin has lived through Halloween so many times that it must have learned how to distinguish between Frankenstein and real danger. That’s why with Frankenfeet your child will be able to face all the ghosts while trick-or-treating.

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