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Pink socks

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Pink socks designed with a magical pencil

Pink socks from Many Mornings are proud of their origin. Łódź has always been closely associated with the sewing industry and our sock universe has given birth to some monumental works, full of humor. To this day, our enchanted pencil has drawn many fancy designs. With a little help of sewing machines, all the socks that decorate the feet of not only the inhabitants of Łódź, but also the inhabitants of the whole world were created. Perhaps it is because of a fairy tale, or maybe because of the heritage of Łódź as the capital of creative businesses? However, nobody can guess what the creative process looks like before the pink socks hit the production line. Only our graphic designers hold this secret.

Chefs cook in pink socks

If any of you have ever been to a restaurant kitchen, you know that recipes and customs require you to cook in special shoes. You have to consider safety  and convenience. We are in a hurry to announce that kitchen crocs completely open up new perspectives for sock fashion. Pink socks not only look great on a chef’s calves; they can also be an inspiration for recipes born in the imagination of the best cooks. Meat eaters drool at the sight of Piggy Tales, rooted in two culinary traditions: Polish and American. Polish cuisine influences pink socks with rich sausage traditions. On the other hand, when Americans see these socks, they will surely miss crispy bacon with maple syrup. Pork has many enthusiasts, but unfortunately also many consumer boundaries. In addition, it is not recommended for use in the daily diet. Therefore, a lighter, Mediterranean alternative can be preferred. Frutti di Mare socks will open your eyes to new horizons in culinary art. Closer to the sea, the kitchen is lighter and healthier. Prawns go well with dishes full of sun. Imagine you sitting at a restaurant on a seaside boulevard with blush socks on your feet. Your mouth waters at the sight of the seafood on your plate. Does that not sound amazing to you? If not, shrimp is also great on pizza.

Fight between the sexes for pink socks

Do you remember the pillow fights from your childhood? We remember them wonderfully and they still awaken a child-like enthusiasm. Although a rather gentle game, sometimes the bed can turn into a gladiator’s arena. Similar rules apply to the fight for pink socks and the discussion about the limits of gender identity. Who says that socks for men can’t include Barbie socks? Apparently, the black stripes go well with ordinary pants, and the fashionable pink color lightens up the boredom of an everyday outfit. In addition, female images have always been a decoration and a memento of loved ones, and wearing them gives masculinity to any man. However, some women rebel against this stance. Until now, they had been convinced that pink was a color that belonged to their world since they wore baby clothes. They raise the alarm that they also want to wear women’s pink socks! We know girls so attached to their sock pairs that they even sleep with cats on their feet. Relax, no one will take your cats from you.

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