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Striped socks

Striped socks

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Do striped socks make your ankles look fat?

Grandma’s fashion rules ring in our ears with a dangerous intensity, feeding our imagination until they manage to persuade us that they’re the truth. “Thick stripes make you look fat” still remains an intrusive mantra that does not give us a break when reaching into the sock drawer in the morning. Although sometimes the wisdom of generations is useful, it would be great to forget about the stigmatizing heritage in this particular case. After all, striped socks fit all feet! Moreover, the appropriate black and white patterns bring elegance to our ankles. So often we forget that the most important fashion advice is “just wear what makes you feel good about yourself.” It’s a modern school, where the teachers include Lena Dunham and the characters from the series Girls. It is also a message of female body positivity and our socks are Simply The Breast way to convey this message. So don’t worry if striped socks don’t suit prying eyes. Put on what you think is right; move your toes one by one, lift your heels. If you feel tingling satisfaction moving from the big toe to the smallest toenail, it means that the choice was perfect!

Camouflage easily in striped socks

Does anyone know, has anyone seen where the owner of beautiful striped socks is? Are they hiding in the traffic on a pedestrian crossing, among wild vegetation, or maybe in an art museum? Picassocks skillfully blended into an abstract image. That’s because artistic socks have a lot of imagination and know how to find themselves in a maze of shapes and colors. However, the easiest way for socks with stripes to move around is in nature. It’s there that they have a whole spectrum of natural inspiration. A tiger, a zebra – or maybe some other animal spotted during the Safari Trip? Or maybe you know someone who wants to hide in the virtual world, between ones and zeros? It’s very easy to become anonymous on the Internet and escape from the curious eyes. You won’t be surprised when you notice socks with stripes on an avid online forum moderator? You may need to hire a Clue Detective to find the experts in the art of camouflage!

In which direction does the energy flow on striped socks?

Eastern alternative medicine teaches us there are very important sources of vital energy Qi in the feet, which travel along the meridian paths along and across the body. Many related fields, including acupuncture and reflexology also use this knowledge. However, not everyone knows that it is enough to wear striped socks every morning to make the most of your energy resources. The lines of sewing threads symbolize the movement of energy from head to toe. Are you surprised by the secret hidden by experts? When you put on your Barbie socks, you will suddenly have an epiphany. You can only feel so good, so fresh and lively in striped socks!

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