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Stomp in elephant socks on daily trip to Africa

Do you dreams of the open canopy of savannahs, fiery red sunsets and a unique animal world? Elephant socks tell a story of the oldest continent on our blue planet. Slip into Save The Planet and take a closer look at this place. According to scientific knowledge, the human origin is firmly connected with Africa. Not only more than 1100 mammals, of which one or the other can be found among our animal socks, call the continent their home. But as the out-of-Africa theory I and II describe, the existence of mankind and how Homo Sapiens spread across the world, can also be traced to this wild place. Elephant socks hold the cultural identity as well as the rich animal kingdom. Precisely because there are less and less flamingo socks or leopard socks, one should deal with African history. Believe us, it is full of surprises!

Socks with elephants and giraffes give something back

Many Mornings is not only interested in strengthening a good mood and self-confidence with colorful socks. We also give back a lot of our success! Thanks to our SHARE A PAIR! program, our elephant socks give children and young adults educational opportunities. We support the Sewing.Together initiative with 5% of the sales revenue from every purchase of this design. We have been working since 2020 together with Maja Kotala, who in collaboration with Many Mornings, provides a lot of her heart and soul in Kenya. We her as a heroine who not only helps, but does sustainable work to have a lasting influence on the lives of young people. Our elephant socks as well as sock monkeys have become a symbol of this cooperation, one that we very proud of. Therefore, it is even more worth it to wear this design, that is dedicated to the culture of the African continent. Start the day in elephant and giraffe socks and be yourself.

Are the Big Five on elephant socks

As soon as we start working on a new design at Many Mornings, we have to make decisions. For example, we have to consider whether we can also produce a certain design also for children. This is not always possible because elephants on socks or other animals sometimes just don’t look good. We’d rather not make them, than make them badly. Quality in our products and designs is our highest priority! When we started to select the mammals on our elephant socks, it was not possible to depict all of the Big Five. But what do we mean by that? The so-called “”Big Five”” depict the five most dangerous animals that are native to the African continent: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo. But actually a mammal is still missing here, because an animal that should not be underestimated is the hippopotamus. No other animal harms so many people. We often know facts about monkey socks, such as the endangered mountain gorilla, but did you know that the force of a hippopotamus bite is fatal. Many people are not aware that the animal, which weighs up to 4.5 tons, can run at speeds of up to 30 km/h. That is why we like to point out that you make a peaceful choice with elephants. With elephant and giraffe socks life is definitely more relaxed! “