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Many Mornings, but one you!

At Many Mornings, we strive to add color to your mornings and create a world of socks, that reflects what’s most important; being yourself! Through our socks, we want to embrace the diversity of society and the uniqueness of individuals who are not afraid to be themselves!

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Many Mornings
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Locally made & designed in EU

We produce our socks exclusively in the Lodz region, the heart of the textile industry of Poland; the central hub of the EU. Although initially built as a company with local sewing traditions and family values at its core, our ambitions have always been global. The brand name reflects these many ambitions and the universal situations that people encounter all over the world every morning.

We take pride in our short supply chains, with cotton traveling less than 25 km from the materials supplier (e.g. yarn) to our production facility and warehouse.

Greener Mornings

At Many Mornings we don't just create colorful socks, but we are committed to treating our planet responsibly, to leave as small of a footprint as possible on the environment.

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