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Long socks for women and men

Be proud of your socks! Wear short shorts and high socks – against the long tradition of conservative fashion. After all, you are an individualist! And if not you, then at least your feet – they want to show off their unique character. At Many Mornings we encourage you to listen to your feet, which are a good advisor. If the body was to be treated as the royal court, and the brain and heart as the royal couple, then the feet would certainly be a council of ministers. So if you don’t like short shorts (or maybe the weather doesn’t allow it?), then at least roll up your trouser legs. Prepare the audience for a colorful performance entitled: long socks for men and women. We have even developed a scenario for the occasion. Photos of our products will be used as the storyboard, and we have written the roles – differently than in the Elizabethan theater – for both sexes. Men’s socks play colorful, sometimes non-obvious games, and women’s socks come to the fore with the confident steps of the winners every morning!

Regular socks for strong calves

In the old days, beauty was defined by long thin legs. However, at Many Mornings we want to banish conforming to ideological standards, and want to stand out from the crowd. We accept everyone, with thin calves and strong calves. After all, don’t strong calves just mean that you are an outstanding scout or an avid hiker, hiking the mountains in Scout Memory socks. Don’t strong calves mean that you love putting on your socks and going on trails that can’t be found on The Map. The good thing about strong calves is that they fit our regular socks perfectly, and allow you to be the best version of yourself. There is a constant explosion of colors and ideas in our imaginations. We create worlds that will not tame your enthusiasm, but only strengthen it. If you are an avid cyclist, you can work your calves even more, because The Bicycles are a perfect companion on long rides. Wearing such colors and symbols on your calves is a real energy boost! Many Mornings is a true sock revolution that reverses established standards. These socks do not hide, but reveal stories that will diversify many of your mornings.

Regular socks for work for men

Although we are enthusiasts of short shorts, we all have situations where such a dress code is not an option. Sometimes you have to put on something more elegant and adapt to the circumstances. However, even in the most serious matters, you can keep a pinch of humor. Women usually have more room for manoeuvre because the variants of chic styling are diverse. They can easily imagine an appropriate outfit, which suits high socks. But men don’t have to worry either! Even if a suit is required in the office or at a formal meeting, one should not be ashamed of a frivolous wink. Colorful regular men’s socks will be a happy accent that will demonstrate the distance to oneself. Your socks at work will shine from under your trousers and everyone will be jealous that you have more character and confidence than them. Or maybe you are even more courageous? Many Mornings has also prepared daring solutions, among which the subversive pink of the Cherry Blossom model reigns. Masculinity knows no shame!

Socks as long as Barbie’s story

All our patterns are original designs, inspired by the vivid imagination of the Many Mornings team. However, we were lucky to meet many inspirations on our way and establish very interesting collaborations. We started selling colorful socks in 2014, and the cherry on top of the cake was when we established our first international collaboration with the renown company; Mattel, in 2019. Barbie socks were created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the cult toy. Barbie was changing over the years and had been missing her 1950s retro style, so we reflected it in our colorful socks. Some things change while others remain the same. The latter certainly includes the love of coffee that we share with our other partners. The Coffee Lover design was created for all black drink enthusiasts – from espresso to cappuccino. These high socks for women are always classy!

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