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Ragnar Lothbrok wore viking socks

Who’s watched viking shows like The Vikings or Valkyrie? After watching them and seeing the harsh cold conditions in which vikings lived, we decided to sew some viking socks to keep their toes warm. In addition to mythical creatures such as mermaids, our thoughts also revolve around real nautical stories, such as that of the great Ragnar Lothbrok. The Viking and former king of today’s Denmark finds heroic mention in Nordic literature. He would certainly have picked up Viking socks if he had had the choice in the 9th century. They’d be the better choice, than the other Scandinavian socks, which are dedicated to a more balanced and calm Hygge lifestyle. But we will never know how the sailors of Northern Europe really were.

Viking socks conquer the heart

Long hair, shaggy beards, imposing longboats and military successes: the legacy of the Vikings is still fascinating today. Viking socks are a modern snapshot of this small, but arguably most popular part of the Scandinavian population between the 8th and 11th centuries. Old Norse literature and rune stones attest to their existence. Since the Nordic sailors could not nourish themselves on socks with food and drink, they left behind numerous traces in what is now France and the United Kingdom. We are also fascinated by the myths about Ragnar, and therefore we are big fans of the Canadian-Irish series adaptation, which is dedicated to legendary stories.

The fate of the gods is in viking socks

Sometimes only Ragnar Lothbrok can help if something should change. Colorful socks by Many Mornings symbolize leaving the grey boring days behind and creating something new and imaginative on them. But the world doesn’t have to go under for our sock world to emerge on it. Our eco-socks show that we can contribute a lot with our way of life. Not only viking socks can have positive effects on everyday life. So what is better than arming yourself in viking socks for what’s coming?