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Royal outfit with corgi socks

Thanks to the Queen of England and the United Kingdom, we really couldn’t do without this design. Because if you want to feel like a Royal for a day, you just have to grab corgi socks. Among our dog socks they have become a bestselling design. But they also have an excellent ambassador in Elizabeth II. Rumor has it that she prefers her dogs to both men and horses. This is a remarkable statement for the enthusiastic breeder! But how many corgi socks does the queen actually have herself. Well, she probably wears silk stockings. But if you look at the number of four-legged friends that have made it into Buckingham Palace since her reign, that adds up to a considerable number. Since her father, King George VI, who chose the first four-legged friend named Dookie in 1933, the regent has bred more than 30 corgis. We are therefore convinced that you can never have too many corgi socks!

Do corgi socks require special treatment?

Although this design does not require too much special treatment, it is still happy to take a walk outside of the house to the park. Some even say that, much like a real family gathering, they motivate us to get up off the couch. They like to be in the company of other furry friends such as Walkie Doggie or Dachshund socks. The Dachshund has a lot in common with corgi socks. Not only are they similar in size, but they get mixed up every now and then. Now we have to go back to England for a moment. Because Elizabeth II also owns a Dachshund-Corgi mix, a so-called “Dorgi”. So, it doesn’t matter whether you put on the socks separately or together, what matter is having a lot of fun when you take on the challenges of everyday life with corgi socks!

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