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Need any help?


Can I change the payment method?

Of course. If you have problems with any of the fast payment methods (PayU or PayPal) and prefer to pay by bank transfer, you can do so. Just make a transfer to our account and we will note your payment and process the order.

You can find our bank details below:

Payment reference: Please provide your order number here

To:Many Mornings s.c. Adrian Morawiak, Maciej Butkowski

BANK NAME: Santander Consumer Bank

EUR: PL48191010482251049920320002 / SWIFT: WBKPPLPP
USD: PL98109013040000000144988981 / SWIFT: WBKPPLPP
CHF: PL37109013040000000143317799 / SWIFT: WBKPPLPP

Can I cancel my order?

Sure. As long as we've not received a payment for the order, it will not be shipped. If you have already paid for them, write (hello@manymornings.com) or call us as soon as possible. We want you to enjoy the new socks as soon as possible, so the lack of information about the cancellation of the order will cause that they will probably reach you the day after payment of the parcel.

Will I get a discount with larger orders?

Do you want to place a large order or order for a group? Write to us at hello@manymornings.com Let us know, and we will see what we can do ☺

Account number to transfer for socks

You can find our bank details below:

Payment reference: Please provide your order number here

To: Many Mornings S.C. Adrian Morawiak, Maciej Butkowski

BANK NAME: Santander Bank Polska S.A.

EUR (IBAN): PL48191010482251049920320002

USD (IBAN): PL98109013040000000144988981


How long will I wait for the socks?

We always send parcels by 1 PM every business day and they are prepared after we notice the payment for the order. With PayPal or PayU electronic payment, the order is paid for immediately. In the case of payment by bank transfer, we wait for the payment to be credited by our bank - usually, it is 1 business day.

Ask our customer service to estimate your delivery date by writing to us at hello@manymornings.com

What is my order number?

If you have an account in our store, you will find all the order details in the "ORDERS" section after logging in. In addition, an e-mail should be sent with the confirmation of the order. There is a tracking number. If it is missing, please write to us (hello@manymornings.com), we will send it again.

Where is my order?

Estimated delivery time varies by country. If you have not received your order, you can track it by typing in the order number in the specific search box:

DPD: https://tracktrace.dpd.com.pl/EN/findParcel
Polish Post: https://emonitoring.poczta-polska.pl/?lang=en
Or you can simply call us - +48 570 003 961 ☺

Or write us hello@manymornings.com

Does Many Mornings ship abroad?

Yes! We ship our socks to any place in the world! If you want to have your order delivered to another country, you need to change your location and currency on the top of the order page.

If you would like to make a present to someone who lives abroad, let us know about it in the comment field of your order page ☺

Our socks

What size socks should I order?

We try to be as close to universal sizes as possible. It's best to follow the shoe number you wear most often ☺

You can find more about sizes in the Size tables tab

We know from experience that there are problems with the size selection if the size is on the border of two compartments. If you're a woman and wear shoe number 39, then size 35-38 will be good for you. For men with shoe size 43, it's better to choose our size 43-46 :)

Where are Many Mornings socks made?

Our socks stand out among others, by being designed, produced, stored and distributed in logistical proximity to Lodz; the heart of the textile industry in Poland; the central hub of the EU.

What are Many Mornings socks made of? What is their composition?

We produce socks from the best raw materials from local supplies in Poland.
Our socks are made of:

80% cotton
15% polyamide
3% elastan
2% other yarns

How does SHARE A PAIR! work?

Setting up initiatives for the benefit of society and the environment is the mission of our SHARE A PAIR program. Through various partnerships with company’s and NGO’s we are able to help people and the planet, through monetary or sock donations.
Take a look at our actions:

Returns and exchange

I want a refund. What can I do?

You can change your mind. If for some reason you decide that you want to return or exchange the purchased goods, you have 30 days from the date of purchase. Just send it to us to the following address:

ul. Kordeckiego 11,
95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki

with a note:
Many Mornings return/exchange.

Attach a copy of the receipt or order confirmation to the package.

Remember, socks cannot bear any signs of use, they should have the original packaging and not be damaged. We do not refund shipping costs and we do not accept cash on delivery parcels

If you want to exchange socks for another model, write us a message
with information on which socks we should send you.

My socks came damaged, what should I do?

If you noticed a manufacturing defect when you received the socks, please contact us. We will try to solve this problem. Write to us at (hello@manymornings.com) or call +48 570 003 961. We will not allow you to wear defective socks!

Size tables


We try to be as close to universal sizes as possible. It's best to follow the shoe size you wear most often ☺



We try to be as close to universal sizes as possible. It's best to follow the shoe size you wear most often ☺



We try to be as close to universal sizes as possible. It's best to follow the shoe size you wear most often ☺



Friendly Customer Service

We are for you!

Przemek - Friendly Customer Service
+48 570 003 961 (Monday - Friday between 8-17 Warsaw Time)

I would like to sell Many Mornings socks - what can I do?

Write to us (wholesale@manymornings.com) or call Przemek (+48 570 003 961). We are open to cooperation with stores. Don't forget to include some information about your business in the message. See you soon

I want to promote Many Mornings - Cooperation with Influencers

We are open to cooperation with interesting people from the Internet space. If you like Many Mornings and you feel that we will fit together - write to us (igor@manymornings.com). In the message, do not forget to add some information about yourself. See you soon!

Socks with your own design?

No problem. Socks with your own logo or design are a great marketing gadget. Write (wholesale@manymornings.com) or call (+48 570 003 961) to us so that we can send you an offer for unique socks made for your company.

Terms & Conditions

‘Back To School’ Competition


‘Back To School’ Competition



  • The organizer of the "Back to School'' competition and its prizes is Many Mornings s.c. Adrian Morawiak, Maciej Butkowski (address of the place of business and address for deliveries: ul. Kalinowa 2, 95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki)


Design submission

  • The design project can be created using any technique, but it must be saved in a file form (e.g. a color scan or a photo) that can be uploaded onto the website. The toes, elastic band and heel in the presented design should maintain a uniform color. The organizer suggests using a maximum of six colors in the design.


Participation rules

  • Children up to the age of 10 (inclusive) can take part in the "Back to school" design competition.
  • The competition is open to citizens of European Union Member States.
  • Entries can be submitted from September 1 to September 30, 2021.
  • Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 competition designs.
  • The child's parent or guardian must participate in the submission of the competition entry.
  • In order to participate in the competition, as well as to win the prize, the child’s parent or guardian must act on behalf of the child and express consent to the: 
    • participation of the child in the competition with their signature upon entry submission.  
    • processing of the child's personal data to the extent necessary to conduct the competition. 
    • publication of the name and surname of the author of the competition entry in social media as part of the information on the competition results.
    • public presentation of the competition work on social media as part of the information about the announcement of the competition results (which is tantamount to concluding a license agreement free of charge authorizing the Organizer to make the work publicly available on social networks facebook and instagram once).


Available prizes

Prizes for main winner

  • The winning design will be mass-produced and sold, so that the winner will be able to see their design in stores in 28 countries around the world!
  • The winner will be able to choose 25 children's socks and 25 adult socks from the currently available Many Mornings sock range.
  • The winner (and accompanying person) will receive a guided tour of the Many Mornings production factory and office in Łódź, Poland. 

Distinction prize for shortlisted participants

  • Shortlisted participants whose design receives distinction, will be able to select 10 children's socks from the currently available Many Mornings range for all winners.


Claiming the prizes

  • The main prize will be related to the submission of a design to conclude an appropriate contract. In order to conclude it, it is necessary for the parent/guardian to act on behalf of the child. The content of the contract will enable the Organizer of the competition to use the child's design in order to introduce it to mass production by transferring the proprietary copyrights in exchange for a benefit in kind referred to in §4. The prize in kind under the first prize is available only in the event of the conclusion of the agreement referred to above.
  • If, for any reason, the contract with the winner is not concluded by the end of January 2022, the offer for its conclusion may be submitted to the participant whose work has been shortlisted by the jury. Then the previous point applies accordingly.
  • The winning design will be placed on the market in 2022 and part of its sales proceeds will go to charitable causes. 


Choosing the winner

  • The jury consisting of: Maciej Butkowski, Adrian Morawiak and Paula Błaszczyk-Owczarek will decide the result of the design competition by December 15, 2021.
  • When judging, the jury will take into account the following three criteria: creativity, rich artistic imagination and interesting ideas for sock topics. It is not a competition for the best craftsmanship, but for design skills and creativity!
  • The results of the competition will be published on Many Mornings social media: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/manymorningssocks) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/manymornings/).
  • Winners will also be notified of the results via email.


Processing of personal data 

By submitting the template and participating in the competition the parent/guardian consents to the processing of their child’s personal data. Below you will find information on the protection of personal data. 

Information clause

Pursuant to Art. 13 sec. 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection) (Journal of Laws UE L 119 of 27.4.2016, p. 1), hereinafter referred to as: GDPR, we would like to inform you that the controllers of personal data of competition participants are Adrian Morawiak and Maciej Butkowski (address: ul. Kalinowa 2, 95- 070 Aleksandrów Łódzki), hereinafter referred to as: Administrators. Information regarding the processing of personal data of competition participants in connection with the organization of the "Back to School" design competition is as follows.

Personal data is processed in order to organize the "Back to School" design competition and to perform activities related to the settlement of this competition and the public announcement of its results.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is Art. 6 sec. 1 point a) of the GDPR.

Personal data will be stored for the duration of the competition and for a period of 2 years from the date of announcement of its results.

Providing personal data is obligatory and constitutes a statutory requirement for participation in the competition. Refusal to provide personal data makes it impossible to participate in the competition.

Personal data of competition participants may be transferred to the administrators of Facebook and Instagram social networks (as part of the publication of information about the competition results)

Personal data of competition participants will not be processed in an automated manner (including in the form of profiling) so that any decisions could be made as a result of such automated processing.

As Administrators, we provide competition participants with the right to access their personal data, as well as the right to rectify them, request their removal or limit their processing.

In the event of voluntary consent to the processing of personal data, the participant of the competition has the right to withdraw this consent at any time, which does not affect the lawfulness of the processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal. We would also like to inform you that the competition participant has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw), if the competition participant considers that the processing of his personal data violates the provisions of the GDPR.


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