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Our Many Monkeys program promotes charity, less-waste and DIY activities. Through upcycling, our leftover sock materials get a whole new purpose; they are transformed into sock monkeys!

Make your own upcycled sock monkey!

Anyone can make their own sock monkey with our DIY kits. All you have to do is add it to your cart for 2€ when shopping for socks. If you buy socks for 35€ the DIY kit is free!

Socks Monkeys in Kenya

We got to know Maja Kotala and her Sewing Together initiative that educates women in Mombasa, Kenya about upcycling and sewing activities. We decided to sponsor these activities by allocating a subsidy of 3 500€ to cover current needs and renovations of the sewing school and support women entrepreneurship in tailoring and fashion.

Doctor Monkey

Doctor Monkey specializes in healing with a smile! Every year, during Christmas time with the help of Dr. Clown Foundation, we donate sock monkeys to children in pedriatic oncology wards in Poland.

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Share your monkey!

Give your monkey a name and show it off on Instagram by tagging @manymornings and adding #manyhugs #manymonkeys!