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Designer socks

Designer socks

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Printed socks tell stories

Some people whose feet have not yet experienced happiness think of socks as ordinary garments. Nothing is more far from this at Many Mornings. Designer socks are primarily a sense of identification and identity. It’s no secret that we think of many personal passions when creating our patterns.  That’s why printed socks from Many Mornings tell interesting stories that match different tastes. Some pattern names speak for themselves; for example Plant Lover, which allows you to navigate the home jungle efficiently. Or maybe some of you strongly identify with your own profession? Well, what’s in the heart, can be on the feet! The Handyman is perfect for craftsmen and Retro Camera for Photographers. Socks with prints of your passions make every opening of the underwear drawer feel like unpacking a unique chocolate box.

Designer socks designed for the water

We hope it’s clear that your own perspective and interests matter most for us. Some of our private friends are avid sailors and cannot survive a trip to the sea without a pair of designer socks in their bag. Trips to the water must be carried out in Yacht Club. For those of you with great skills as sea captains, we advise you to wear Ocean Life. For the more sentimental personality types, we recommend the caring Nordic Lighthouse, that will always keep you safe. There is also a third type of sailors to only be whispered about; those who look for gold! However our printed socks, are equally as valuable, and they can be satisfied when finding the Pirate Island. No matter what type of sailor you are, one thing is for sure, without you some designer socks would probably not have been designed.

Travel in printed socks

Some of you choose dry land instead of the sea route. You have a traveler’s spirit and love to discover the wild corners of continents and you do this of course in colorful socks. You pack your backpack with all the necessary accessories and put on printed socks with The Map on your feet. Sometimes you take younger scouts with you and make sure they have socks with prints suitable for the adventure; Scout Memory. What characterizes the Many Mornings travelers (apart from their pioneering passion?). Oh, they certainly have their feet firmly on the ground, which is why they are happy to equip themselves with mismatched socks.

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