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Tour de France in biking socks

Prestigious cycling races are the dream of many professionals and amateurs. Some people value victory so much that they reach for help outside the normal codes and regulations of bicycle races. Would you like to be at the front of the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia peloton? There is a much simpler way than doping, that will help give you strength to pedal. Put on biking socks and exercise every morning, gaining a strong character and constantly new levels of endurance. Cycling is not just an ordinary hobby – it’s a lifestyle and a lifelong love. So why not follow in the footsteps of your helmet, speedometer and seat purchases and choose some appropriate footwear? We recommend bicycle socks. We can think of at least a few possible places for improving the skills of an experienced cyclist. The first calls for a weekend trip. This means a long ride through secluded areas, where the rush of fresh air does not interfere with the contemplation of the surrounding nature and animals. The second place is in the mountains. Going uphill feeds on our ambition and the expected reward of going downhill with the wind blowing in our hair. We pass by hikers huffing and puffing as they navigate the paths with the Map in their hands or… feet. One things for sure, in biking socks you’ll always feel free!

Biking socks have a biking license

The pleasure of riding a bike is only complete when in harmony with safety. That is why we are proud to announce that bicycle socks received a careful lesson and can take the bicycle license exam together with you, so that you survive even among the Dutch – with sidewalks and cars as your obstacles. Lesson number 1, make sure you don’t have your music on too loud and can hear the sounds around you. Lesson number 2, and the most important! Be aware of the mandatory signs that tell you that every morning should be colorful, that means make sure you put on your biking socks. They can be a good luck charm at every crossroad in life!