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Green socks

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Green socks

Blood pulses with an unhurried but clear rhythm. You feel energy pass through your body, heat circulates, and a peaceful strength starts to build. Take a breath. The heated air fills your lungs; quite moist, but still more refreshing than dense and stuffy. Where are you? You’re at home, a home that is being turned into an equatorial forest thanks to Many Mornings. Green socks are already beaming with life in your drawer. Choose one pair and put them on your feet. As you stroll through your home, an abundance of happiness will start to bloom in every corner. Take it in, take it in as much as possible! Oh, what’s that? Summer Cactus has appeared in the bedroom, which does not need as much water as it does love. And in the kitchen? A toucan has just arrived, flying straight off of Tropical Heat green socks. Amidst the lush foliage and friendly sock animals, the senses are alive and the mind is full of balance and peace. However, we must pay attention not to abandon the work and consistency of caretaking. Green Socks have planted the seeds in the fertile soil of your plant-loving soul, but the maturity exam is about to come. You must be a loving and focused gardener to care for your plants. You will get a short cheat sheet on the Plant Lover design, but we won’t do everything for you! So don’t forget the essentials and remember to put some chlorophyll in your nervous system, to be able to stay in the jungle.

Green socks grown in the Many Mornings garden

Today we associate the word culture primarily with the manifestations of artistic activities: going to the theater, literature, music. However, we suggest that – instead of visiting an art gallery – you take a walk with us to the sources of culture. The beginnings of civilization are associated with the transition from a nomadic lifestyle to agriculture, horticulture and raising livestock. So if wildness is not your main attribute, and you see yourself as a cultured person – find the path leading from the forest to a settlement. You can start growing mismatched green socks there.. To maintain fertile soil, it is worth using crop rotation. Veggie Mix will allow you to manage the land in a balanced way, and will give your feet a large dose of vitamins. Monoculture allows you to reap profits only in the short term. Exploitation will soon end in sorrow and depletion of the fertile soil of your desires. That’s why it’s important to wear a variety of green socks.

Take green socks on your journey

Globalization has modernized the possibilities of transport, the world has sped up, distances seem to have decreased. Suddenly great prospects opened and tourism got an incredible boost. Especially at the beginning of this process, traveling began to be associated with freedom and human desire. However, there’s two sides to every coin. Similarly, there are two ways of tourism. The first, is destructive to the surroundings and the natural environment. And the second, happens in green socks. They open your eyes and feet to non-invasive, respectful travel. We can go to the Far East in search of spiritual purification. It will be a journey full of admiration for cultural differences and inspired nature. Cherry Blossom will blossom in your soul, allowing you to be grateful to see Japan. Traveling can be very eventful, as evidenced also by journeys to the forest. It is certainly worth going there after packing Scout Memory green socks in your backpack. With them on your feet you’ll be able to make a fire effortlessly and survive the night among wild animals.

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