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We create the world on white socks

Are you looking for socks that are only monochrome? Then you’ve come to the wrong address. We treat our white socks as a blank canvas, ready for our imagination to take over! Once we are done they are full of color, and the white is just used to emphasize certain things and for things that are meant to be that way. Socks for women and men by Many Mornings make your feet look like another world. We show you how that works!

White socks with winter worlds, everyday situations and animals

White is the color of winter and ice. That’s why you can find the color on many of our Christmas socks. Alpine Ski shows snow-covered ski slopes. In addition, this color helps us, to introduce the world of the walrus, the polar bear, the penguin and last but not least, Warm Rudolph. Even far away from the ice, there are some animal socks in our category of socks for women and men. Panda socks would be difficult to recognize without black and white spots. Also, our notable Playful Dog would not be as special without his white spot on his fur. Even The Red Fox has some white on the tip of the tail and a detail on the chest and ears that makes the animal recognizable.

You can stand out in white

We also need the color white to depict situations on socks. For example the stork that brings a boy or a girl. Also the days on board the Yacht Club. The black and white checkered flag on the race track and the black and white leather that is to be kicked into the goal also need this color. Even with food socks we need the white thread to knit french fries and the red and white condiments, or the head of foam on craft beer as true to the original as possible. For us, the category of white socks also includes two-tone models that simply combine the monochrome colors. With the motifs Random Forms, Black Maze and Brush Strokes resulted in socks that bring a lot more pep to your feet than pure colorless models.

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