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With penguin socks against the cold

White belly, black tails, short feet, beak, fins, feathers – what is it? Perhaps characteristics such as whimsical, chubby and clumsy also will help to describe it. Of course, we are talking about penguin socks! This design among our animal socks is an absolute hit! But what makes it so special? Just like the special layer of fat of real seabirds, this design also protects against the cold! They don’t appear to be mismatched socks, but they are warm socks made of terry cloth. This gives us all that extra portion of comfort on dark days. So try penguin socks!
These cute fellows have been extremely popular since the animated films Madagaskar and Happy Feet. So it’s hardly surprising that we’re not the only ones who are fascinated by them. Even if you aren’t a complete fan, you should at least honor these creatures on their special day; January 20, by waddling in penguin socks.

Penguin socks don’t only live in the southern hemisphere

As a child, did you ever wonder why polar bears are only found in the Arctic, or why penguins are only found in the Antarctic? We brace ourselves against the strict separation between the northern and southern hemispheres without harming the animals in the zoo. That’s because both polar bear socks and penguin socks want to go far. Since they are produced in Europe, they eagerly await long journeys. Thanks to worldwide shipping, they can delight children and adults on all continents! Even if penguins can’t fly, our large logistics network helps us to ensure that they find their way into every sock drawer. Other cool socks from our bestsellers list are also welcome, because penguins are pack animals and like being in groups with other animals like their Frosty Friends.