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Checkered socks

Checkered socks

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A pipe, a raincoat and checkered socks

Leonard Cohen once sang the famous song about the equally famous blue raincoat, and at Many Mornings it has been used as a basis for new knitting ideas. Checkered socks with a trench coat, a pipe filled with aromatic tobacco, a hat with a narrow brim, elegant shoes and an umbrella with a decorated handle represent old-fashioned elegance! When we talk about past motives, we only refer to positive connotations. A refined appearance as described has a touch of freedom of being and stands for lightness in any social context. Does this self-confidence have to do with plaid socks? There are different opinions here. Some of you say that even with ripped pyjamas you can maintain their dignity; while others see strengths in wearing decent clothing. But, we cannot ask every gentleman for their opinion. So put on checkered socks and see for yourself!

Checkered socks – for the office and the forest

A special place in the Many Mornings collection is held by the lumberjack from the Lumberjack Life design who hinted that plaid socks are only suitable for an adventurous life in the forest. According to him, such a design can be useful for overworked feet that travel long kilometers in search of challenges. However, as known from the Land of Oz, every arborist, lumberjack and forest worker has a heart of gold, and sometimes he is too simple-minded and will decide to walk the simple paths. Every little scout who wears Scout Memory will become close to nature. When growing up, skills and interests change, which is often also related to a career in a company. We think plaid socks are perfect as colorful suit socks. After all, there is probably no more universal sock idea, especially in men’s fashion.

A gambit in checkered socks

Game or sport? Chess is one of those disciplines in which the strategy of a commander has been combined with patience. Mentally it is a great achievement to survey the field! The chessboard inspires future generations to symbolically measure strengths and weaknesses. The creative thought process of many designs at Many Mornings originated on the playing field of chess, especially checkered socks. Thanks to a popular Netflix series with a nifty story about chess, the sport is experiencing a real renaissance, and with the Queen’s Gambit so have checkered socks. When knitting a chessboard out of yarn, the movements of each production step are analyzed. In addition, this pattern helps you to live up to the chic and elegance of the game (or sport?). So put on chessboard patterned socks and wait for the right partner!

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