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Multicolored socks

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Multicolored socks by Many Mornings

Once upon a time, two young boys opened a sewing company in a small town in Poland. They had pure hearts and a lot of love for their close ones. They wanted the mornings of thousands of people around the world to be serene. So they got down to business and started producing multicolored socks. Anyone who buys these socks can see patterned expressions of joy and tender greetings to the world right after waking up. Before you can start your day with a coffee or a nutritious breakfast, reach into your sock drawer and put on multicolored socks. They will put a smile on your face, and let you start your day full of energy. After all, all socks by Many Mornings are full of unbridled enthusiasm, sincerity and acceptance of everyone. That is why the two boys from our story did not use an old-fashioned cliché, by representing Łódź with factory chimneys. Oh no! Our heroes are characters of a new era, in which the city is ruled by The Unicorn!

We love food and multicolored socks

In their free time, the owners of Many Mornings love to wander around cafes and restaurants. Their passion for food comes from their unbridled lust for life. They are not driven by hedonism, but by the need for sensuality. They want to find little joys in everyday life, in line with the brand philosophy they have created. Many mornings are similar to each other, yet each is unique in its own way. That is why the culinary tastes of Many Mornings are not snobbish. Joy can be found both in a quick meal eaten in Fast Foot socks or in an interesting bistro. It is enough for us to be guided by universal values ​​that should be shared by all businesses in the world: authenticity, honesty, care for the material and employees. Thanks to these simple ideas, in a short time, these two young boys built a whole team of ambitious and creative individuals. Today everyone of them wears multicolored socks and together they are able to make a colorfully explosive cocktail – a real Tutti Frutti!

A passion for art and culture and multicolored socks

One more thing needs to be said about the heroes of our sock family. They don’t just get excited over new designs but are also interested in visual arts and literature. It is not entirely clear whether this is just a hobby or a mercantile calculation. Because it cannot be denied that culture in all its diversity is a great source of inspiration. Ideas for multicolored socks grow like yeast on a pop culture sponge. For example, Picassocks were born in a gallery and juggle contexts from the world around us. It’s no different with the The Book Story design. These are multicolored socks that are worth putting on your feet not only in the library. It is enough for us to sit at home under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, and the narrative will take us through the adventures that multicolored socks have experienced from the beginning of their existence.

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