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Low socks by Many Mornings

When the world is blazing outside and nature explodes with colors and scents, the feet also begin to miss spring. In winter, the patterned fabric on the ankles and calves contrasted with the grey of the aura. But the sun is starting to heat our temperaments more and more and colorful long socks are no longer enough to keep our feet happy. They also need a refreshment! Mismatched socks by Many Mornings are the answer to the most important needs of your feet. They are spring for feet and summer for calves!

Ankle socks tell stories

Ankle socks are not only about comfort. Once you take off your shoes and lie down comfortably, you can uncover the culture of Many Mornings sewn onto your feet. After all, colorful short socks tell all kinds of stories and even biographies. An example is Frida, whose painting inspired the Feel Fridadesign, or cubist figures that inspired the abstract creation of Picassocks. The museum can be stuffy and crowded, and you want to inhale spring with all your pores! There’s nothing simpler – just create an art gallery from your sneaker socks. Or maybe you feel like going on a bike ride? This time we have the perfect solution. The The Bicycles is a must-have for any avid cyclist. After all, there is no better time for cycling trips than in late spring or summer. And every trip will be more enjoyable in patterned low socks – they can really surprise you! Feel the spring breeze on your ankles and show your friends your character. Put on Many Mornings trainer socks and be like The Unicorn – totally unique!

Women’s ankle socks conquer the fashion world

We want to heartily mention one of our inaugural designs: Bee Bee. The sentiment we have for low socks with bee stripes comes from the fact that they opened the portal to our creative imagination. But that’s not the only reason! The bees on the socks have a spark in them; a characteristic, aggressive temperament. They open up a great field for all summer fashion fans to show off. Show all the colors of your personality in the summer! The problem when all women’s socks were white and asexual is long gone. Now you can run across the grass in patterned, contrasting ankle socks and feel the freedom surrounding your bare skin. Can you see it? You take a quick step, and recognizable yellow and black stripes flash among the green blades. It’s Bee Bee! Socks for women and men are no longer associated with black and white boredom. Summer, according to Many Mornings, has many colors and your feet feel at their best when they’re in low socks. Enjoy the sun, and if you’re not in the mood for eating some juicy fruit, then maybe you’d prefer to snack on Watermelon socks.

Men’s ankle socks in nature

Winter and autumn are well-known to homebodies, who prefer to relax in the comfort of their own homes with tea, a book and a blanket. We know these people well, and that’s why for them we have something to keep their feet toasty, but not too hot. Honey Bear will bring you comfort during your hibernation days. However, with the coming of spring, our preferences change rapidly! When the temperature is good, and leaving the house no longer means a hard fight for survival, everything that has to do with nature becomes closer to us. At Many Mornings, we also feel close to mother nature, so we think about the environment and reflect it in our men’s socks in support to help Save The Planet. Many of our socks are made out of love for the sea, because let’s be honest the warm breeze at the beach, and turquoise blue waves definitely call our name during the summer heat. That’s why for those whose natural element is the water, and who aren’t afraid of the waves, socks with a surfing theme. No matter if you like nature, food or animals, you’ll be sure to find something in our wide array of men’s socks.

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