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Red socks don’t change with the seasons

The most colorful time of the year is Autumn; when the leaves change from green to red. It’s nature’s way of showing us that time is passing. Summer heat starts to subside and with it, summer clothes make their way to the back of our closets. Not red socks though… they stay with the seasons. Even though the sun doesn’t blaze so strongly on your face, there’s no excuse to not have an appetite for wearing mouth-watering strawberries. And if you’ve had enough of summer fruits, then maybe socks with burgers and hot dogs will satisfy your cravings without adding extra calories. And as fall changes to winter, make sure you’re ready to embrace the changing temperatures with a warm dark espresso as you bundle up in front of the blazing fireplace in red socks and a good book.

Which came first: the chicken or red socks?

It is well known that the chicken and egg dilemma is unsolvable. The same is true of the women’s and men’s socks at Many Mornings. We admit, however, that we have come up with one promising lead. Both ingredients: Egg & Chicken, were created by our designer and she is the creator of the sock world. It is not known whether, by virtue of intuition or a conscious decision, she equipped some of the red socks with motifs stereotypically associated with the male element, such as logging. And, although some women might also like climbing trees and running around with axes, we’ve attributed these socks for men that truly love to lead the Lumberjack Life. For women, we have something that we think they’ll appreciate more than chainsaws and axes. Everyone that knows Many Mornings, knows that red socks are the true way to a woman’s heart. Instead of a bouquet of flowers all you need is a perfect Love Story to make her happy.

Fire burning on the dancefloor

One of our pairs of red socks has the power to put out any fire and give you courage to overcome all adversities. The Fireman causes flames to flicker in your eyes, and sirens of passions to ring in your ears. Every firefighter knows that they can only find fiery socks in the Many Mornings sock collection. With a hose and ladder at your feet, you’ll definitely build up the bravery to start playing with fire. Although red is clearly associated with fire, in the case of Many Mornings, it does not end only with fiery words. In a special section on the website, we’ve prepared a hot sale for you. There you can find a list of socks as long as a Sausagedog. Don’t wait until it’s over, slide down the fireman’s pole and chase some red socks.​