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Wine socks = a cross of two passions

Who knew in 1929 that a random crossing of two types of wine would lead to worldwide fame? The creation of Cabernet Sauvignon goes back to a natural crossing: Cabernet Franc x Sauvignon Blanc. But what do wine socks have to do with it? Well, that’s easy to explain. It can be compared to what happened in 2014, when the crossing of two different pairs of socks, “mismatched but matching” led to worldwide recognition of a small sock brand. Many Mornings was born from an idea that aimed the thread right in the eye of the needle. Wine enthusiasts treat wine tastings and visits to vineyards as their hobby and as such ourhobby socks also embody passions. The fact that Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wine varieties in the world today answers all questions. Wine socks symbolize the fusion of quality and passion. And in addition, if you have food socks in the drawer, you have the perfect combination for a picnic!

Wine socks are good for health and creativity

Do you agree with the proverb “A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away?” If yes, then you should also consider whether the same is true for wine socks. Wine socks also provide a daily dose of dry or sweet sayings. The best wine is one that you’re able to have all day long. Colorful socks also stimulate the senses and creativity. There’s no wonder why recently wine and art classes are the latest buzz. Uncorked art allows painting and grape “juice” to be enjoyed in equal parts. You set up the easel and canvas and have a glass of wine ready by your side. The only thing missing are wine socks on your feet to squeeze out the the last bit of creativity. Those with artistic knowledge also like to use red wine for authentic splashes of color. Who doesn’t feel like Vincent or Pablo in wine socks?

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