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Dog socks

Dog socks

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Dog socks a man’s best friend

There are mornings when you wake up in a bad mood, look out the window, and it’s raining cats and dogs – and your misery is waiting at the door. Perhaps you will find friendship closer than you think? The best idea, of course, would be to establish a lasting relationship with some kind of dog, but a quick solution can be to put on dog socks. When the right and left foot peek out from under the sheets, lazily stretching, you can observe a cute dog face. And once you get out of bed and eat your nutritious breakfast, you can easily approach the challenges of everyday life! A walk with Playful Dog at your feet, will put you in a good mood every morning. Pembroke Welsh Corgis will make you wish you had four legs yourself, so that you could wear even more dog socks.

What is your favorite breed of dog socks?

At Many Mornings, dog lovers and cat lovers go to work every morning, in love with their pets. We’ve often ended up at nearby shelters, where we found our faithful life companions. Our dog socks open up to an even more diverse spectrum of breeds and canine personalities. A few years ago our collections included Dog Affair; with French bulldogs and pugs. Immediately after them, with a slow and long Dachshund walk, Sausagedog entered. They are lovely animals, known for their absolute loyalty to their owners, who wrap themselves around our dog socks with the entire length of their torso. However, the sock count does not end there. The real hit in our four-legged category are Corgis, always in a playful mood, eager to retrieve, run and lie down at our feet. However, these are still not the last ideas to expand the morning family, we haven’t barked out all our creativity yet. Socks with dogs are waiting for new debuts and we will definitely adopt new friends soon.

Dog socks for work and leisure

Do you miss your pet when you go to work each morning? From now on you won’t meet any obstacles, when wearing dog socks on your feet. You can go to the office in colorful suit socks and when you come home your furry friend will be wagging its tail waiting for you, perhaps with a sock in its mouth. And if you’re going on a date, don’t forget that Many Mornings designs are suitable even for a romantic dinner! Apparently, it’s easiest to find your significant other on a dog walk. So in this case, maybe putting on your puppy socks will pay off? It’s easy to score points when you have your loyal companion with you. Maybe he will even suggest what gift to buy to please the love of your life?

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