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Food socks


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Many Mornings presents: Food Socks
Remember when grandmothers, parents, aunts and uncles made a significant remark from over their plate: “do not play with your food”? Well … we’re still playing with it! It is true that not at a dinner party, company banquet or family dinner, but on our mismatched socks. Our food socks are created for all fans of good food, foodies, cooks, mothers and grandmothers who keep secret family recipes, as well as for friends, brothers and fathers who are masters of preparing meals … to go. Probably everyone will like socks with food – because each of us has our favorite delicacy!
Food socks are a great gift idea, but also a way to satisfy a culinary craving, after which you do not need to feel guilty. We recommend wearing them not only to restaurants (although they will work great in this role), but also to cooking together with friends, to university, to work, relaxing on the couch in front of the TV or to a party – wherever food is a universal, desired and long-awaited addition.
Food socks – for chefs, moms, grandmothers and all foodies!
What’s on the Many Mornings sock menu? First of all, we offer you socks with delicious and healthy ingredients that can change the nature of a boring style. Satisfy your summer cravings with juicy watermelons, a ripe Green Avocado, a sweet Garden Carrot, mouth-watering Strawberries and sour lemons; The Lemon. Don’t forget about socks with onions or beets, pears, pickles, pumpkins and fruits like pineapples and bananas on or vegetables like corn and bell peppers on Veggie Mix. For the main course, we recommend a less healthy alternative but without worrying about additional calories, Fast Foot will satisfy your hamburger, hotdog, fries and pizza cravings! Lastly, we can’t forget about dessert – all your ice cream flavor dreams will come true with Ice Cream Dream At Many Mornings we have something delicious for everyone!

When we say that our food socks are for everyone, we are telling the truth. Models in this category are available in the form of regular socks, perfect for regular dinners, regular evenings with friends and regular trousers – but not only! These mismatched food models with delicacies are also available in the form of low socks. They go great when paired with sneakers and summer picnics in the open air. We have also not forgotten about the little ones! It is for them that kid’s socks were created with the entire menu of delicious dishes, fruits and … vegetables, which although don’t necessarily look good on a plate, on our socks they will always put a smile on the face of little foodies!
Where should you wear food socks?
You should rather ask the question: where is it inappropriate to wear food socks? As we wrote earlier, these models are worth taking with you wherever food matters. A good friend’s wedding, a meeting with friends, dinner at Grandma’s, dinner with the love of your life, they really fit almost to every occasion and to almost every outfit. Create your own sock menu. Collect your favorite foods and tasty ingredients. Mix and match specific pairs to get a new flavor every time. Simply play with your food like there’s no tomorrow!
Also remember that food socks can be addictive! Italian pizza socks feel best when in the company of Bonjour France, a design with a French baguette and wine. Sweet strawberries get along perfectly with sour lemon. Carrots and cucumbers, ice cream and fries, watermelons and pineapples, ramen and Japanese cherries, and of course a mix of fruit and vegetables. Order them all and see – maybe you will discover the creator of good tastes in you!