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Are avocado socks healthy?

Definitely! Also for the laughing muscles! That’s because avocado socks skilfully poke fun at the superfood. Nutrition is an important topic at Many Mornings, which can be seen in the wide array of food socks. Although we are advocates of healthy delicacies, we know that a healthy balance is the most important. Because sometimes a burger or some chocolate just makes you happy and happiness is key to a good life. It’s good that avocado socks are not only used for breakfast. No, the Central American fruit is also great as a snack. Who doesn’t dream of tortilla chips with delicious guacamole? The saturated fatty acids make the green bomb just as healthy as the high amount of fiber.

Avocado socks – just a fad?

In fast-moving times like these, there are always short-term trends. Do avocado socks stand next to pineapples and flamingo socks? We don’t think so.
That’s because it’s is hard to imagine nutrition without avocados and green is the color of the future. Movements like Fridays For Future or Extinction Rebellion have impressively underscored the future agenda of western teens. Climate change is a fact and there is no alternative to the fight against it! We say: “Save the Planet!” Because our blue planet should be allowed to go on for a long time and remain the home of humanity. Everyone can contribute something. But the first step should be a general rethink and everyone should pull together! Avocado socks may be a trend in the long run, the climate movement will not be!

Avocado socks provide useful information

Anyone who is allergic to latex can be allergic to avocados, but certainly not to our great designs! Who knew that the avocado was actually a fruit and not a vegetable? The Aztec name (ahuacatl) actually means: “testicles”. This is likely due to the fact that avocado socks grow in pairs.