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Blue socks demonstrate the power of the elements

In mythological references, water had many symbolic meanings and was usually associated with femininity and motherhood, but also with what’s subconscious. At Many Mornings, blue socks also refer to water, but tell a slightly different story. Firstly, we have connected water with relaxation. However, it cannot be denied that it also evokes a feeling of nostalgia in us, portrayed even on our blue socks with a motif of a lonely lantern – Nordic Lighthouse. After all, water is not only a relief, but also a mystery that has its dark sides. When we think about the life of the oceans, we see them in cheerful colors, yet somewhere on the edge of our imagination, there is danger – a huge whale lands on the boat, orcas and sharks wait for their prey. However, these threats can only be faced by a determined sailor – to whom our blue socks are dedicated. Don’t worry too much, courage is always rewarded, and besides sharks, there are also mermaids in the water. We can test the hypothesis that our socks with water motifs are only socks for men, but it will probably be disproven as blue socks can also testify to a woman’s character.
As with water, the air element also cannot be easily positioned in relation to any gender – woman, man or any other. Dreamers will gladly take a flight on a hot air Adventure Balloon, or even a romantic space odyssey, illustrated on the Space Trip socks. In general, blue socks are associated with air, express lightness, freedom and the will to travel. Movement is second nature to airborne people with blue socks on their feet. When they can’t take off with adrenaline-packed activities, they’ll be happy to ride a bike equipping their feet in The Bicycles. The socks with a bicycle pattern are really intriguing. Other than the fact that they represent a means of ground transport, they have a longing for air-like lightness and freshness. This comes from the fact that cyclists from the Many Mornings team are also dreamers.

Dogs wear blue socks

The eternal war between dog lovers and cat lovers has been going on for many years and nothing foreshadows the end of the struggle. It is not fully known what happened to set off this cat fight, but it can be presumed that one must choose a side. If we decided to write a fairy tale about the fight of two animal lovers, it would start from the quiet times before the Internet, when dog lovers and cat lovers did not have so many points of conflict. The Internet has opened up a vast new battle arena. Well, it looks like the battlefield has moved to socks as well. Since then, blue socks definitely belong to dog lovers, as evidenced by patterns such as Sausage Dog. Parents teach their children to be loyal like dogs from an early age. Even little kids today wear Playful Dog blue socks. They put a blue flag at their dog’s territory and don’t want to give up the color of honor to anyone until they grow up. Perhaps that is why cat lovers chose warmer colors for their animal passions. If you don’t believe our fairy tale, you can check it out for yourself. Just have a look at our Many Morning animal’s category and you will see all the most important arguments there.

Winter wears blue socks

Since at least the time of Hans Christian Andersen, Winter has had bad PR. The icy heart of a child kidnapper strongly discourages from making a closer acquaintance to this season. But maybe Andersen was misleading us a bit? At Many Mornings, we like to think that Winter prefers to stay at home and warm her feet in blue socks. She is full of inner balance and likes to indulge in sedate pleasures. Her philosophy is called Hygge and we named blue socks in her honor. When polar bears have nowhere to go, they can spend the night in the Winter Queen’s palace. Once they find shelter, they no longer need to be worried. They will not freeze there because they have warm fur of course. Even if fur will not be enough, we have created the Polar Bear pattern that will fit them like a glove. It is worth mentioning that Winter often invites children to its corners. It does not use violence or kidnap at all – the kids themselves embrace the fluffiness of Winter, even more so when they know they can get kids blue socks as a gift, sent from the North Pole by Many Mornings every year. What’s more? Winter also means Christmas! That means great joy for both big and small – adults and children.

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