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Socks for doctors and medical professionals

If you’re thinking of white coats, white shoes and white socks, we have to disappoint you. Doctor socks by Many Mornings are a colorful interpretation of the versatility of this field of work. While we take care of the laughing muscles, medical professionals fight for real human lives every day. This design stands for the passion that these people embody: the well-being of others is indispensable before your own position. Of course there are also amateur medical professionals, that get to experience the operation room, only from playing the popular Hasbro game, but still somehow manage to have sweat dripping from their foreheads. If they would grab doctor socks maybe their fear would go away. Medical professionals enjoy social standing, so it is not surprising that this pair is among our bestsellers. We would be happy to write a prescription for this pair of socks!

Doctor socks without limits

While much of Europe was in pandemic paralysis, we at Many Mornings created doctor socks. What good can socks do in a pandemic? Quite a bit, at least we think! Anyone who decided to purchase a pair of this design in April and May 2020 were directly supporting the healthcare professionals who were saving lives on the front lines. Thanks to our CSR program SHARE-A-PAIR!, 50% of the sales proceeds from DR SOCK were donated. We still look back proudly on the fact that doctor socks could do a small part to support medical professionals!