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Women go to space in space socks

Did you know the first woman to go to space was Valentina Tereshkova? She is a Soviet cosmonaut who faced her orbital adventure back in the 1960s. Although she is a well-known figure, in the social imagination she is somewhat hidden in the shadows of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong. So far, there is no equality in space! Dressed in space socks, Tereshkova would look reluctantly from the history books, however her achievements do not differ in heroism. However, it is not she who has countless films in which she appears as the main character. Monuments and parks named after her can certainly be found here and there, and yet pop culture has decided to partially forget about her. Therefore, it is even more important to remind ourselves about this wonderful woman, a tell you about how space socks were created. They too have feminine dominance at their center. Both this astronomy theme and other hobby designs are born in the head of our designer, who has her ears wide open to feminine accents in culture. Many Mornings is guided by the idea of ​​diversity, which employees of any gender, naturally bring to life. So we are almost sure that when the first pixels of the cosmic designs of space socks were created – they was based on the inspirational female astronaut Tereshkova.

Rocket socks have invaded space!

We suspect that it will be easy to find at least a few fans of science-fiction cinema among the sock community. Admit it quickly – to which screenings do you put your space socks on?! Will blockbuster classics make weekend morning or evening successful? Who is in command of your TV remote – Han Solo or Captain Spock? Probably there will also be a few arthouse supporters who sharpen their feet on Kubrick or Tarkowski. Well, if you decide to go for space socks then it’s good to know at least a few movie classics. Even if you do not match space travel, maybe you will like Tim Burton’s ‘Martians on Earth?’ In fact, every fan of space socks is in a comfortable position in front of the big screen. Many Mornings has an extensive collection in stock to suit many genres and cinematographic themes. So if you have never fueled your rocket with astronomical fascinations, check if dinosaur socks will not be suitable for a family session hosted by Steven Spielberg.

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