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Travel with many friends thanks to winter socks

What do puffins, penguins, polar bears and mountain hares have in common? They do not live in the same hemisphere on our planet, nor are the the same type of animal socks. What they have in common is their love for freezing temperatures. If it gets cold, you shouldn’t be without winter socks! Do you why an emperor penguin won’t freeze in the Antarctic icy temperatures even without a warm foot cover? The flightless birds can survive without penguin socks, as their blood vessels are cleverly placed in their feet. So although the feet are always cool they never freeze. So if you’re smart, you’ll put our winter socks on your feet and you won’t get cold feet either. The perfect companion on a winter day!

Puffins and hares on socks with a winter design

Yes, exactly, these two species belong on beautiful winter socks as well. The mountain hare is a sociable animal that sometimes travels in groups of up to 100 specimens. You are welcome to make this quality your own. Similar to us at Many Mornings, it also likes to make itself comfortable among the snow in the mountains or forest. Set off on your winter adventure, with forest socks and you can discover the holes the hare makes in the snow and watch these friends from afar.
But now onto the funny puffins! Some might think that the animal on our winter socks is also a penguin. But you’d be wrong! The seabirds can only be found in the North Atlantic – mostly between Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain and the polar region. It’s worth having both species as friends. Because the puffins are both great swimmers and good in the air. They can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h. Can you do that in our winter socks? Whether as a gift or for ourselves, these socks are simply very cute and make you feel as if you’re surrounded by friends.

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