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Black socks make a comeback

In Poland, many people grew up in a time when black socks were a scarce commodity. More than one bachelor dyed white socks before important occasions, so as not to fail in the image of a mishap on a date or wedding. The deficit economy, however, is long behind us. They experienced the golden era in Poland in the 1990s and for most of the first two decades of the 21st century. They were certainly universal and paired with Western corduroy and denim fashion. Today, however, long uniformly dark socks are associated with a sad necessity and ugly underwear, ridiculed in comedies. Time to refresh their image! That is why Many Mornings decided to update them a little, enliven them and breathe energy into them. Sometimes a neat geometric pattern was enough to give these dark socks more character. After years of work, we can proudly say that black socks are no longer sad.

Men dream of black socks

You’ve probably watched the famous Monty Python sketch called “The Philosopher’s Football Match.” The ancient Greek team plays against the German team led by Hegel. As usual, Python reality is sprinkled with a dense hail of absurdity. Many Mornings take the formula of this match, but make roster changes. We wonder how Salvadorable would perform in an artists’ match. Many football fan’s have a hard time imagining what the designers of Many Mornings socks dreamed of. This kind of subconscious impulse is the fulfillment of men’s dreams, in which black socks give room to feel connected to your greatest interests and passions, such as photography. The reality of Many Mornings can be surreal. But our dark socks make colorful dreams come true.

Socks as black as an espresso

All adult coffee lovers start their day with satisfying their coffee cravings in Many Mornings black socks by putting on the Dark Espresso design. Everyone, regardless of gender, instantly turns into a professional barista – able to make many designs from milk foam, just like we’re able to make many designs of socks. Coffee, however, is not suitable for children; for them we have prepared special socks for kids. Boys with their heads in the clouds, will be able to take the steer into their own feet with Space Trip Kids. Others who prefer to be more grounded will find joy in wearing Apple Hedgehog Kids. We also have a little something for girls, our Barbie socks for women will look charming on every girl’s feet. However, we want to banish stereotypes and gender conformity, so of course you should feel free to wear whatever you want!