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On the trail of myths in kitten socks

Is it true that black cats have nine lives? This is just an old proverb, meaning that cats can withstand close encounters with death. Is it true that black cats bring bad luck? Probably only superstitious people believe that. What is clear however, is that black cats, evidenced by these dark kitten socks, bring with them a series of mystical myths that vary depending on location and culture. However, many animal socks, have unique associations, some of which are linked to funny stories. The stories about black kitten socks are so varied that we will only scratch the surface. Can these kitten socks bring bad luck if they come into a house? As traditional companions of witches and wizards, they are more or less in league with dark forces. However, these black socks are known for the opposite. Because if kitten socks like these pounce onto you, the house will be freed from evil spirits. They really do have that power! In Scotland, people even go a step further and speak of wealth and prosperity when a black cat shows up on the porch!

Among different pets in kitten socks

Many Mornings focuses on four-legged friends, especially in August. It’s the time of the year, in which our Many Walks campaign, supports animal shelters in Europe. Our hearts beat not only for colorful designs, but also for pets and during that month, and so we put on our pet socks. Volunteers come to show how much they care about furry creatures, small or big, young or old and get rewarded with socks for their commitment. Kitten socks help kittens and big cats, and can do a lot when it comes to animal welfare! However, when it comes to sock production it looks like we’ve been favouring dogs recently. Corgis are able to find playful companions with Dachunds, yet our pink cat is left with no one to chase mice with. That will change now, because our new kitten socks stand out with their glowing yellow eyes, and will soon become friends with all the pets in our sock collection.