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Hedgehog socks for trips to the forest

In early autumn, you can find crowds heading towards the forest. After all, this is when the mushroom season begins! It is at this time, if the weather is favorable, that you can see the sun’s rays shining through the golden-browned autumn leaves. However, if you’re unlucky this can quickly change, that’s why it’s worth equipping yourself with warm clothes to prevent colds. In addition to a raincoat and appropriate footwear, hedgehog socks almost slip on your feet at the thought of a walk in the woods. Everyone who goes in search of forest goodies: berries or mushrooms should wear adequate accessories. Maybe on your trip you’ll have a Scout Memory and remember what you learned about which berries and mushrooms are edible and which are poisonous. You have to worry more than a hedgehog, who as depicted on our hedgehog socks carries an apple which is his stash of food for the next few moments. He knows how to survive in the wilderness, do you? All you need to battle the cold and enjoy the wonderful moments in golden autumn, are socks with hedgehogs.

Hedgehog socks and other forest animals

Hardly anyone is free from various obsessions and quirks, including childish habits. Everyone will easily name their favorite color or lucky number. It is a bit more difficult to ask about your favorite animal. Today we chose hedgehog socks, but we are also open to many other animal motifs – some of them you can see as part of the set Animals Set. However, we do have a special fondness for hedgehogs. This is one of the early projects that won our and your hearts almost immediately. Later on, we introduced many more forest and fall themes, such as The Squirrels. “