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Strawberry socks are a year-round fruit

Who sometimes dreams of juicy, red berries in January? Even if the harvest is still months away (at least in some parts of the world), we can satisfy our cravings together. Strawberry socks from Many Mornings don’t belong in the punch bowl, but on the tips of your toes. With berries on your feet the whole day feels as if it were a walk through the strawberry field; sweet and breezy. Among socks with food, this design is both an appetizer and a dessert because it refreshes you at any time of the day. The tradition of picking strawberries is firmly connected to Many Mornings. Because just as many like to go out into the field when the first strong rays of sunshine tickle their skin, others collect colorful socks.Strawberry socks are real delicacies that wait in the drawer at night just to end up on your feet in the morning.

Are socks with strawberries healthy?

Most of our designs fall among the funny socks and therefore are also good for the heart and the spirit. By the way, actual strawberries, are not only rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and carotene but also consist of a large part of water, so there are only 35 calories in 100g. Only strawberry socks are below this amount, because these are considered calorie-free. What other foods bring health benefits? Avocado socks of course, which are a good source of health fats and are considered a superfood. Watermelon socks too because they keep you hydrated and make you feel full, since they consist 92% of water. Whichever fruit is your favorite, remember that you can easily combine apples, bananas, grapes or peaches and make a fruit bowl with fruit socks.