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Squirrel socks are red like fall

Red rodents with fluffy tails, gracefully climbing trees and scurrying on the grass, are inseparable companions in city parks during autumn. Wherever you can find even a bit of greenery, you’ll feel comfortable in squirrel socks. The other design that you’d probably feel best in, when leaving the city to go hiking in the woods is Scout Memory design. However, this is not always possible. That’s why you can enjoy a free afternoon in the city with little red furballs on your feet. Better there than nowhere! Anyway, let’s not be pessimistic, autumn in a metropolitan city also has its advantages. The park leaves fall from the trees and sparkle with different colors, and you can sit in the cafe garden with a cup of pumpkin spiced latte sprinkled with cinnamon, wearing squirrel socks – and just relax. You don’t have to worry about winter frosts just yet. Erase the sight of grey pavements from before the eyes of your imagination. Let loose for a moment and think that the colors of autumn that can always be part of your afternoon and your wardrobe.

What do you store in squirrel socks?

When there is no secret hollow in your apartment, where do you hide your savings and valuable souvenirs? Well, we know! Squirrel socks are just waiting to store long-held remnants of salary, golden chains from childhood, love letters received from a partner almost a decade ago (folded in a small square for those who don’t remember). Animal Socks are faithful keepers of your secrets. Not only will they take care of the material value that you entrust to them, but most of all they will not whisper to anyone about your secrets. The linen drawer is the best place to keep them safe, trust us! For us, squirrel socks are not only protectors of our offices and apartments – they protect us from pessimism, bluff and a black and white view of the world. They help you see colors and nuances in life. So when someone asks you what you keep in your hollow, say: «squirrel socks»! And it will mean the same as optimism and a radiant smile every morning.