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Alpaca socks as popular as Machu Picchu

Both llamas and alpacas are thought to have been domesticated more than 6,000 years ago by the Incas in Peruvian areas, who raised them for their prized fleece. Today, you can still see them roaming around the hills of one of the 7 wonders; Machu Picchu – but can you tell them apart? We’ll let you in on a little secret, alpacas are drawn to those who wear alpaca socks. Alpacas are the smallest of the camel family, and are close relatives of llamas, but are said to be the cuter and more popular ones. Therefore, alpaca socks have made it to our animal socks category. Although they aren’t in their natural habitat in the Andes, they are quite comfortable in the sock drawer. For those who prefer to be closer to the ground, and not high up in the mountains, we advise you to slip into forest socks instead but don’t forget about fluffy alpacas.

Alpaca socks will keep you warm

Alpacas are responsible for having some of the silkiest, most versatile fiber in nature and their fur is one of the most sought after in the world. Although our alpaca socks are not made from alpaca wool, you can be sure that you will feel as if you are bundled up in the warmth of fluffy fur. Alpacas live at high elevations where the temperature get’s very cold, and do you know where else it get’s very cold? In the north and south poles, where we can find reindeer and penguins that use their fur as insulation. Just like them, we can wear alpaca socks or cozy socks that will keep our feet toasty and warm.

Alpaca socks won’t spit at you

Alpacas spit when they are distressed or feel threatened. They will sometimes spit at each other when they are competing for food or trying to establish dominance. The good news is alpaca socks won’t spit at you, they have other qualities. They can make you laugh because they are so funny and are even said to have therapeutic properties and can make you feel relaxed. Alpaca socks are perfect for a trip to an alpaca farm where you can walk with these amazing furry creatures and discover their calm nature.

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