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Tiger socks are world famous

At the beginning of the 80s the hour of hard rock struck – and with it tiger socks! Because Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik used a pen to write history. At the time, who suspected that the soundtrack for the third part of a movie about a boxing legend would be as successful as our cool socks? While Rocky made cinema history one more time, Survivor landed a world hit! From one moment to the next, tiger socks became a bestseller. Worldwide success still continues today. Every child dreams not of socks with leopards, but of striped socks with Asian big cats. However, Freddie Mercury almost got the preference of film producers over Survivor. But the name of the American hard rock band fits like a sock to the tigers eye. Every tiger today can feel like a true “survivor”!

Why are tiger socks striped?

It’s not that easy to answer. Mother nature has come up with something very special for tiger socks. When we wander through the (everyday) jungle, we sometimes forget the advantages of animal socks. Tiger socks are the perfect example here! You follow in majestic footsteps that still let you blend into the crowd, because stripes are the perfect camouflage for the big cats when they are on the lookout. The color in particular plays a decisive role here. It is the human eye that perceives it as black and orange or orange and black. In the animal kingdom, amongmonkeys and other prey there are many who are red-green colorblind. Accordingly, you would see tiger socks in green, which is of course the perfect camouflage in the thicket. Due to this characteristic, they wander impressively through the streets and forests. If you are on the hunt for the coolest accessories, you will move extremely elegantly with this design. Whether you ever have to get the 60 km/h on the speedometer that a real big cat can reach is an open question. Tiger socks are still the perfect companion when you have to bundle your strengths in the morning!

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