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Black and white socks


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Black and white socks combine cool with stylish

From James Bond’s tuxedo to Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress – it’s no secret that the black and white socks combination is always unbeatable when it comes to stylish looks and a casual attitude. These socks may not have a license to kill, but you’ll be sure to stand out if you wear them while drinking an aperitif.

Maybe you look at these designs and wonder how these socks are mismatched? Look again! With a tasteful negative effect, we reverse our black and white socks patterns and give them a subtle but effective makeover. Hmm, are they black socks, white socks, black on white or white on black socks?! It doesn’t matter, because these socks add a certain charm to every outfit – perfect if you are fed up with boring socks and are looking for something stylish instead.

Abstract patterned black and white socks

These socks are the opposite of boring. They grab your attention with abstract patterns and eye-catching shapes. Brush Strokes is a model for artistic souls, which is the result of a painter’s minimalist attempt to design a pair of monochrome socks. Random Forms with completely nonsensical, but somehow still aesthetically pleasing, lines and shapes are the ultimate stylish accessory for sock anarchists. If you are looking for black women’s or men’s socks, but are not satisfied with the traditionally boring options, our offer of black and white patterned socks provides some compelling alternatives!

Black and white socks for every occasion

While the majority of our catalog is filled with brightly colored socks our eye-catching designs are not suitable for all occasions. With our black and white socks you are perfectly equipped for all events, including spectacular cocktail parties with friends or formal business meetings, wear you can wear your socks for work. Our sock designs are simply a feast for the eyes, thanks to their diverse and curious patterns. Many Mornings takes monochrome socks to the next level. Whether you are looking for black and white women’s socks or need something for a man – you can never go wrong with black and white.