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Raccoon Bandit

A raccoon always cares about its outfit, and although its black and white stripes aim to create optical confusion, they’ve sure caught our eye. With the help of its striped camouflage, a RACCOON BANDIT managed to sneak onto our website.

Find the bandit!

Help us clean up
the Raccoon’s mess!

On the way to our website, the undercover RACCOON BANDIT knocked over some garbage cans, leaving a mess! Participate in the #RaccoonCleanup and help us clean it up!

Grab some trash bags and gloves and start picking up trash

Take a before & after photo/video showing your efforts

Post the photo/video on instagram using tag @manymornings and hashtags #raccooncleanup #trashtag

Nominate 3 friends by tagging them in your post/story.

Wait to see if you’ve won 5 pairs of socks. 10 participants will be selected at random after 26.07


Free delivery from 20€
30 days returns
Currently sold in 28 countries
Sock materials
Combed cotton 80%
Polyamide 15%
Elastane 3%
Other fibers 2%