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Pigs socks tell stories

There are many things that can be said about pig socks. If you sit comfortably in a chair, grab a book and put on book socks, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered into the story itself. This is particularly true when reading The Three Little Pigs or Winnie the Pooh. Of course, you’ll get to meet the piglet who is our bear socks wearing, honey bears best friend. So you could say that pig socks strengthen friendships, and bring lots of adventures. The three little pigs, also experienced a great adventure, and had to outsmart the bad wolf that was trying to destroy their homes. Maybe that’s why you won’t find bad wolves among our animal socks. Thankfully though, our pig socks don’t live in a straw house, or a sticks house, they prefer to live in a house with sock drawers.

Pig socks bring good luck

Pig socks are a popular symbol of good luck. The origins of this belief can be found in the Middle Ages, when the animals were considered a sign of prosperity.
Accordingly, this great design is also suitable as a lucky charm that faithfully accompanies us every step of the way. There’s no wonder why the infamous piggy bank, that stores your money is referred to as such. After all, if you have money, you’re pretty lucky! Back in the 15th century, whenever people had a few extra coins, they would simply drop it into their clay jars which they referred to as a ‘pygg’ bank or pot. So it’s time to break the jar, and buy yourself some pig socks. Their lucky nature, also might bring you some success around Valentine’s Day, when on on February 14th, you look for love socks for your crush or your other half. You can never have enough luck, so make sure pig socks are on your feet!