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Be a wizard in snake socks

Did you like trips to the zoo as a child? You probably went straight for the monkeys or the tigers and stayed clear from the snakes behind the glass. Or maybe not? If you were inspired by Harry Potter you ran straight to the snake section! Feeling like a wizard, wearing snake socks you quietly whispered something in Parseltongue, hoping that the glass disappeared and one of your enemies fell into the snake cage. Don’t worry whether you identify more as Slytherin or if your heart belongs at Gryffindor, snake socks will bring bravery and determination to everyday life.

Snake socks sneaked into the drawer

Snake socks sneaked into our collection and found their place among their fellow reptile the crocodile. Which one would win in a battle? Snake socks of course! If you wear snake socks no obstacle is too wide, no challenge is too big. You can slither through everyday life! Did you know that snakes smell with their tongue and don’t have eyelids so that they can easily adapt? If that sounds cool to you, make the unique properties of reptiles your own, and wear snake socks to adjust to any situation.